Y is for Yvonne Strahovski!

(My Heart Goes) Piddily Patter, Patter
 Yvonne Strahovski (born Strzechowski on 30 July 1982) is an Australian actress. Born in Australia to Polish immigrant parents, Strahovski speaks Polish and English. After graduating from University of Western Sydney she acted in three Australian television shows. She then auditioned for and won the role as Sarah Walker in the American television series Chuck. Her film career includes both Australian and American movies.

aka: Sarah Lisa Walker is the alias of one of the main characters of the fictional television show Chuck on NBC. Her first name was revealed to be Sam in "Chuck Versus the Fake Name," and her middle name Lisa in "Chuck Versus the Wookiee". She uses her real middle name with her Sarah Walker identity, as shown in "Chuck Versus the Family Volkoff". She is one of two agents assigned by the NSA and CIA to protect Chuck Bartowski after he unwittingly downloads the secret government computer known as the Intersect into his brain. She is the leading female character and main love interest of Chuck Bartowski. As of "Chuck Versus the Push Mix", Chuck and Sarah are engaged to be married.



  1. Glad I popped over in time to spot the Aussie. I love the way so many Aussie actors have made it in Hollywood.A beautiful girl.


    A - Z - Y

  2. Love your blogs. I read down to "V", and laughed each time (well, not for the porn). Weebles--they were a big part of my kids' lives. But a haunted house, with witchy weebles? Very peculiar. I didn't know that 'Sarah Walker' from Chuck has all those acting credentials. And that she is from a non-English speaking household. That is amazing.
    I will be watching you. Be aware.


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