I wanted to welcome you to my site as a starting point, show you what I am able to do... If you have any questions or concerns please ask, I hope you enjoy your visit. So please look around...

To help with some of the zombie confusion that is buzzing, I love zombies and this site once was a all zombie site. Now it is more of a all things RETRO from books, art, ads, etc... I just have come to realize I am more into that, so if you thought you might see some zombies... you might.

I also do design, t-shirts, writings, ebook covers, etc... I do what I love and it should be very apparent and hopefully visually stimulating for you. If not, then I have not done my job.

Have A Great Day!
Jeremy [Retro]

Also I maintain/run these other sites:
Horror Blogger Alliance
Hate the CAPTCHA
And the rarely used Tumblr!

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