...This Nightmare Might Be Over?

Skeleton Crew [Germany] 2009
Or Is It..?  I am finally cutting into the photo and
underneath it, is the blood... Lot's of blood... gooey, yucky, drippy blood!

Drive-By Blogging leads me to You..

I found two fantastic places while doing my "Drive-By Blogging" and found this little up and coming zombie... well not all zombies, but "Zombie Mondays" and another great site that has "Zombie Sundays". They both offer up some great content and are run by some lovely ladies... did I mention the Zombies. I z-dazzled one of them, and those who don't know what z-dazzle is please look around and you will figure it out. So if you get a chance check out both of these sites, and learn more about these great sites.

It's just that kind of day...

Something is just out of reach...

I will explain tomorrow or Friday...

Wake Up... Lots To... Do!

Boobies vs Shark!

Boobies vs Shark!
Okay, I was told by a friend in order to get more attention on my site I have to put up a key word that gets the people coming here. So here it is I give you the dirty word of the day "Shark", now I know what you are thinking I was going to say "boobies"... that is what makes it dirty?
Jeremy [iZombie]

Monday: What is happening in this Photo?

Last Monday of March and here is another challenge, someone
knows the answers... hmmm?

Horror/Sci-Fi Fans Unite - Howlin' Wolf Records [2011 Upcoming Releases]

Steal Me, and Re-Post Art...

I just got a message from Wall @ Howlin' Wolf Records about some great new "Limited Scores" they will be releasing in the next several months. This label is packing a punch and I am happy to be able to bring the news to you, so I encourage you to getting one or all of these scores. Also please take this post and re-post it on your blog, website, Facebook, etc. I want to get this message heard around the world, who is with me? Please post back here, that you made a mention.

Jeremy [iZombie]

Happy Friday!... the madness is almost over.

I am not sure what this is for, but i did quickly look for a reason you might take this without much success, maybe there is a real doctor in the house? Hey it is Friday, and you know what that means... "Friday Dance", so dance monkey, dance.
Jeremy [iZombie]

Why are you just...

... Hanging Around
Today I have a family issue that I will be contending with and will be back on Friday, so please make the day the best you can. Remember those bed bugs do bite, the creature living under the bridge might be you and the rope is always long enough.

...Rest in Peace!

Full Of Shat[ner] - Part I

Welcome to Full Of Shat[ner]
I have discovered over the last year or so my love for "William Shatner" and that there are many of you who share my same thought. He may not be loved by everyone he has ever worked with in his long film and television career, but he does have great comedic timing. So this time around going for classic Shatner, look at his many expressions... name them and celebrate.

Poor Man's Movie Titles...

Brain Power [or is it the force]
As being a guy, I thought this might be interesting about how a guy can describe a movie and give the title one word that another guy will know. Not that you should be feeling superior or less superior to this cause it is obvious what they might be complete. Since I was a kid and collecting toys and talking on how many times I have watched some movie... This is not a test or a contest just a guy using his brain power, or just lazy.

Hope, Empire, Jedi
Episode I, Clone, Sith
Raiders, Temple, Crusade
Fellowship, Towers, King
Khan, Thunderdome, Pirates [add number]
Jason [add number, minus first]

Maybe you have a list that helps describe your favorite film, please share.

Can Anyone Spare Me Change...

Sorry everyone, my power is flickering on and off today... big huge storm last night. I did get this bit of money, anyone have some change for me?  It's like blood money from outer space, come on... I am looking for just a smaller wad for my wallet...

Monday: What is happening in this Photo? [ANSWER]

ELWOOD BLUES, The Blues Brothers

Holly's Horrorland: Go Guro Giveaway!

My great friend Holly @ "Holly's Horrorland" is running a contest and I thought I would mention it cause I can... so there! You need to check it cause it's going to end quick and she is a great person...

art by:

In a Green Mist Coma...

Wow, it's Monday and I cannot think, cannot eat, and most definitively no drinking... I wanted to thank Steven for letting me stalk him all last week, I think we should all highlight one us [blogs, writers, artist, etc] on our sites from time to time. Wait we do, everyday and I know of a site that can use a support boost "Hug-A-Blogger" its a great idea and all they want to do is meet you.

So spring is getting to me, even though it rained the most of weekend I still enjoyed it I watched a handful of films that some were good and some I wonder why someone gives it money to be made. Some of the highlights were; "Despicable Me", "Red Cliff", "Machete" and the losers "Transylmania" and "The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It".

So Happy Monday!
Jeremy [iZombie]

Monday: What is happening in this Photo?

This might be a tough one, but someone will know...

Steven Chapman and the Temple Of Zoom!

Well it has been one hack of a week, I got to know more about a fellow blogger "Steven Chapman" who if you call was the winner of "Name My Computer" Contest.  Coming up with the winning name "Captain Wiggles", which you all had a chance to vote on over that time. I personally vote for it, but I do appreciate all the entries that had been offered up. I thought I would bring this to a sweet and quiet happy ending for the week by thanking Steven for playing along and being a great sport having me as a stalker. I hope you can all find your way over to his website and tell him that you really like what he has to say and his extreme humor. I was looking over his place to find that finish that would send you all spinning and I believe I have found it. Steven is a writer and what would be good to end with, well his books of course which you will find below... So I thank you all for the time to get to know more about "Steven Chapman" and please check out his anthologies... 

Jeremy [iZombie]
   Creepy Things
Horror short story, Entomophobia, which appears in the Static Movement anthology Creepy Things.

This anthology is available from,, and

   Slave to the Flesh
Horror flash fiction, which appears in the Static Movement anthology Unqiuet Earth.

This anthology has not yet been released.
   Daily Bites of Flesh 2011
Four horror flash fiction pieces: 'The Need to Feed', 'Dog Eat Dog World', 'Zombie, Medium Rare' and 'Whine Cellar'; which appear in the Pill Hill Press anthology Daily Bites of Flesh 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction.

This anthology is available from,, and


So watching the news and to find out Charlie Sheen's dad was coming to town to speak at some conference... come on really. I wanted to jump into that screen and punch the newscaster right in her perky face and if you ask your self why.... Has it gotten so bad in the world that this nard is still news, i thought it would be over by now and this would still not be news. Now great actors who have been doing amazing work in film and television for decades, get thrown into just being a family pun as only Charlie Sheen's dad...

Oh the room is spinning...

Make the green room stop spinning and spinning and spinning... my little leprechaun just passed out, but i think they are all little. I did not find that bucket of gold, and shamrock clovers is over. Okay I don't know what I am talking about, it's early and I don't drink.... well not early at least. Zombie week continues over at my friend "Steven Chapman" site, now you must all think I have been stalking him and darn it I have. Only in the best of ways, but today he has the attacking tortoise and hungry little kittens. Now I really have not told you anything I just encourage you all to jump the link and see for yourself.

Cha, Cha, Changes....

Okay, I put some thought in changing the look... I am not sure what you all see.  Please let me what you think the image comes from "King of the Zombies", not by anyway I believe I am this... I was going for a pulp look mostly cause all my sites started to look the same.

So I am looking for your appoval
Jeremy [iZombie]

Happy, Happy...

Steven Chapman (Writer)... Hello!

Dane Cook falls into a fish shredder, how very sad!
Today... is the Rant over "Plot vs Characters" at "Steven Chapman" and his take on this matter, the hidden truths that are revealed. As he continues his journey on "ZOMBIES WEEK", he feels this post doesn't represent his best week. I disagree, because he is telling like it is and that should be commended... cause really that is what this whole blogging thing is about telling our side. Sharing images and ideas, heck some of us trying to rub a few pennies together... trying.

So there are still many thing to see and read over at "Steven Chapman" as I will encourage you all to do so, and not just this week.

Keep Them Bloggies Rollin'...

Now I have been mentioning things about "Steven Chapman" as I said would do, but I have a questions about "how to delete blog/websites" that actually works. I have like 10 people who for whatever [some up to a year or more] reasons stopped their sites, I hate to delete them.  Some of them are just gone completely, but I would like to clean up my following list so I can focus on those of us who still live.

Steven Chapman and his Humbles...

So, it's a lazy Wednesday and I am sitting thinking what I can do for the days post, I have not slept well over the last several days... not because I was concerned about this post. It is easy to write about "Steven Chapman", but today I thought let us go back to the humble beginnings of "" or in less words his first post. Like most of us can you even remember what your first post or even your first thought what your blog/site was going to be.

I was going to post nothing but pictures of comic books and almost little text, and I am not even sure how it happened or where I went to grab the attention of you. Did I think I would even get the chance to tell my story like this too a year and some change later. I didn't think so either, but I have come to realize there are some very cool places to go and how a 20 minute jaunt turns into a 2 hour reading and commenting.

Sorry, I am more interested in all of you and your personal starts... 

Is your blog/site what you thought it might be?
Did you think you would have the following you do?
Friends... making friends?
What was you first post like and now your latest post?

I encourage you all to think about this and please go check out "Steven Chapman" first thoughts on his place...

Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Why is it that I uppercase the "Z" and am no longer using the "Lover" part in my title?

What are you thinking about... Sunshine?


Steven Chapman (Writer) and the Media About Zombies!

Now I could never come up with the brilliance that "Steven Chapman" did about the ideas the media has on the world of Zombies. So I recommend you all to go to "" and read up on his views of Zombies.

Monday: What is happening in this Photo? [ANSWER]

No Words, could describe how awful I feel posting this... Steven over @ "" will be the judge!

"Free eBook Cover" ($175.00 value)

Greetings Writers and Blogs/Websites,

   I wanted to let you all know I have something you all may need for you soon-to-be published book and eBook. I have been designing art and creatively making your thoughts into a reality, and I am seeking new clients. Right now I am having a "getting to know you" price for a limited time and wanted to get you closer to your project to be complete. You all know my work, but may not know me and I wanted to change that... so please stop by and say hello. Maybe I can help get your project to a published state.

Jeremy H.

Get a "Free eBook Cover" ($175.00 value) Design by JMH Digital.

Monday: What is happening in this Photo?

What is happening in this photo, I don't know maybe you can tell me? I am going to ask "Steven Chapman" about this one, but he is a busy man and does not have the time to play my games...

Steven Chapman... is all about the ZOMBIES!

I want to say good Monday, and a special hello to "Steven Chapman" who has allowed me to stalk him this week as part of a week long celebration of "Steven Chapman". I have come to learn this Monday that he is working on his "Zombie" novel and is getting further in his other writing endeavors. This includes the challenge you all might be aware of and that is the "NaNoWriMo", best of luck to him on this success. I also wanted to let him know there is no pressure on coming up with anything new just to fill this iZombie's stalking quota.  Steven you have many interesting stories and posts that I will be able to gather information.  This is your week, sit back and enjoy, I encourage you to stop by "" and say "Hello".

Jeremy [iZombie]

Steven Chapman (Writer)

Good Morning Sunday Readers...
I want to thank "Steven Chapman (Writer)" for his awesome name in "Name My Computer" contest, which will forever by known as "Captain Wiggles". In the prize package that was I was going to be covering his site/blog or anything that he wanted to cover. So please stop over to his great place and say hello, I want to bring light all the things that make "Steven Chapman (Writer)" great.

Today cannot be a better day, because Steven won a "Stylish Award" from friend Sandra and you get to know more about him than I could ever tell.

Some of the Highlights:
3. I once held the door open for famous horror author Simon Clark, at a writer's event in Derby and almost weed when he said thank you...I said almost.

5. In my last job I worked as an IT engineer for a mill, turns out my Gran worked in that same mill as a young girl! I didn't know until a long time after I got the job.

Now you need to know more, stop over at:

If I Have Too...

Okay I am tired of cold, but this is the first
sign of winter being over. Next I will be bitching
how hot it will be, will iZombie ever be happy?
Ask "Steven Chapman" he will know... he is
all knowing and all seeing!

Gimme, Gimme....


Texas Frightmare Weekend, Anyone Going to this???

Texas Frightmare Weekend [April 29 - May 01, 2011]

The reason I am asking is the magazine "Rue Morgue" is running a contest to design a cover for them, but it only open to people going to the "Texas Frightmare". I am unavailable to go, but I did design a cover before I actually read the contest rules.  What I was hoping for was that someone could submit the cover I did and if it should win, you would enjoy the convention and all it's fun.  At the return of your trip, send me stuff [i will cover] or we can split it down the middle, this of course I do not get blown away by the other entries.

Official Rules:
Texas Frightmare Weekend, Rue Morgue and Anchor Bay Entertainment want YOU to design your own cover of Rue Morgue! Think you got the chops? Then show us what you got!
The grand prize winner will receive a 1 year subscription to Rue Morgue, 1 double Texas Frightmare 2012 V.I.P. weekend pass, a DVD pack from Anchor Bay Entertainment, and Rue Morgue and Texas Frightmare swag packs! Runner-up prizes are also up for grabs. Winning designs will appear in the magazine, both print and digital, and promoted online.
Entries should be 8? x 10.75? in size, MUST use the Rue Morgue logo (downloadable from and will be judged by Rue Morgue Art Director Ghoulish Gary Pullin for:
- ORIGINALITY (fresh ideas and innovation)
- COMPOSITION (relationship of type vs. image)
- IMPACT (execution and quality of the overall design)
- PRESENTATION (must be presented clean and neatly, flat or on a small easel).
Original illustrations and photographs encouraged. Designers using movie stills (e.g. Pinhead, Leatherface, etc.) must use an illustration or treat the photo.
Contest is only open to Texas Frightmare Weekend attendees, guests and vendors.
Entries accepted at the Rue Morgue booth at Texas Frightmare Weekend until noon on SUNDAY, MAY 1, 2011. Winners will be announced later that day at 2 p.m.

I Figured It Out...

MMMM Oil Wells... MMMM Sue-Ellyn's Braaaaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnn!

Oh Yeah!

That is what I am going to do, let's kick the crap out of Thursday... Who is with me?

This Looks Like Fun...

I am stoked about the new film "Paul" and the funny truths about aliens, I made this art just to try something I had seen. Now the critics will most likely pan this movie, but there is a good combination of talent that will bring it all together.


Come On, It's Easy...

I am already doing it to you, so you will do it...

Carla Kosak's "Don't Want Your Man"

Here is the first look at the compete video, now this is the second of two music videos shot back to back in and around ten working days. I worked on three of those days, and you can see the difference is music styles and that is what makes it more exciting. [Search David Sills for the other video]
Carla Kosak's "Don't Want Your Man" Official Music Video from Kevin Otterness on Vimeo.
Music video produced by POSTHOUSE PICTURES.
Carla Kosaks' "Don't Want Your Man" music video was shot
entirely on the Canon 7D.

Monday: What is happening in this Photo? [ANSWER]

"Kevin Bacon in Footloose"
I was watching Will and Grace, finding myself laughing hysterically at Kevin Bacon doing the dance that will ever make him remembered as an actor... Until I found out that they are making a "REMAKE" of this film "Footloose", not that I all that much care, but come on... really.

Happy Friday and the first week of March...

Yeah, this is CREEPY...
Hope the week has been well for you all, I made a new couple of friends this week and will be sharing some of those new friends with you soon. I promise not to ride the fence on the whole "Charlie Sheen" thing, I just want him to be happy and get his life in some sort of order. He has some great comic timing and is loved as Mr. Harper for eight years,  he might return someday.

Going on a music video shoot today, finishing up some of the details... it will be shot live and if you can find it you can watch me work. The video will be coming out sometime this month and I will be sharing it then, much like the others.
Take Care All,

Just Sayin' - Leaves Cous'n Charlie Aloon...

I am his cousin Willie and he is in good hands with the support of his law'rs, new loov'rs and duct'rs, he gots to make it cause he owns the the small town we's lives in. Here in CharlieWood, he is mayor and he is always a winning.