Steven Chapman and his Humbles...

So, it's a lazy Wednesday and I am sitting thinking what I can do for the days post, I have not slept well over the last several days... not because I was concerned about this post. It is easy to write about "Steven Chapman", but today I thought let us go back to the humble beginnings of "" or in less words his first post. Like most of us can you even remember what your first post or even your first thought what your blog/site was going to be.

I was going to post nothing but pictures of comic books and almost little text, and I am not even sure how it happened or where I went to grab the attention of you. Did I think I would even get the chance to tell my story like this too a year and some change later. I didn't think so either, but I have come to realize there are some very cool places to go and how a 20 minute jaunt turns into a 2 hour reading and commenting.

Sorry, I am more interested in all of you and your personal starts... 

Is your blog/site what you thought it might be?
Did you think you would have the following you do?
Friends... making friends?
What was you first post like and now your latest post?

I encourage you all to think about this and please go check out "Steven Chapman" first thoughts on his place...

Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Why is it that I uppercase the "Z" and am no longer using the "Lover" part in my title?


  1. Hey buddy. I started my blog just hoping to find some others to talk to about theories in the ghost hunting world. I figured if I had 3-5 people to talk to about it, I'd be happy. My first post had none of my personality and was totally informative only. Over time, people reacted to my personality and I let more of it show and now the blog is not only driven by my personality, but the following numbers still astound me. Where are they coming from? Why do they stay? I just count my blessings to have more people to open the minds of and have them enlighten me, as well.

  2. Oh boy, what a great exercise. When I first started I was going to blog about whatever popped into my head at the time. I would tell crazy stories and talk a lot about science. Now my blog is a little more focused, in that I filter out a lot of extraneous stuff. I don't talk about science as much as I anticipated and now I talk about graphic design which I had no intention of doing back when I started. What an evolution that was.

    Also initially my blog was a way for my family to know what was up so I didn't have to tell the same story a hundred times. Then I got a craving for fame and now I have a decent following. That hunger will never go away.

  3. Is your blog/site what you thought it might be?
    Pretty much. There's always room for improvement though.

    Did you think you would have the following you do?
    Nope. I hoped so, but never thought I'd have as many followers as I do.

    Friends... making friends?
    Indeed. (I consider you one of my best blogger buddies, by the way. :)

    What was you first post like and now your latest post?
    The first was just an intro, and last was showing off my new undead dolls.
    My blog is becoming a showcase of my toy addiction, lol.
    (Is that good or bad? As long as readers enjoy it, guess it's good. :)

    Mr. Chapman's blog is full of tasty braaains, therefore I'm following!

    You dropped the Lover, cause we already know you love zombies? :)

  4. thank you all, it is funny our humble starts... sometimes it's hard to keep up with stuff posts, comments, etc. i feel bad if i don't respond or read my favorites, which is many of you [not including the blog/websites that have croaked years ago] so if i leave something short, it no time, longer response... well you get the idea.

    holly thank you, you are too sweet!

    so keep them bloggies rollin'...



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