Happy Friday and the first week of March...

Yeah, this is CREEPY...
Hope the week has been well for you all, I made a new couple of friends this week and will be sharing some of those new friends with you soon. I promise not to ride the fence on the whole "Charlie Sheen" thing, I just want him to be happy and get his life in some sort of order. He has some great comic timing and is loved as Mr. Harper for eight years,  he might return someday.

Going on a music video shoot today, finishing up some of the details... it will be shot live and if you can find it you can watch me work. The video will be coming out sometime this month and I will be sharing it then, much like the others.
Take Care All,


  1. A music video? Now that sounds cool!

  2. That is a scary image. Yikes!

    Video? Live? You? Can't wait to see it!

  3. Very cool! Have a great day. Looking forward to seeing the video.


  4. Happy, happy Friday!! It's been a long time since I left any comments on all the blogs I follow.

    You know what would be awesome, me and you doing a photo shoot together. We would make one rad picture. :D

  5. the video is coming on tuesday, i always have fun on these types of shoots... well you will see.


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