Spooking Sheldon Cooper!

So I had to put something up with a picture, I am working on a dinosaur computer right now... it runs like four year old oil in a twenty year old car. Can anyone tell me what is creeping Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory out, I think I missed this episode? Having computer withdrawals...

Happy Friday!
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. I have to work with an ancient computer every now and again when I got to work... O.o

  2. You love BBT too? I want my own Sheldon. I'd never be lonely with him occupying the corner of my sofa and commenting on everything I do wrong. It'd be just like my past marriage. Hee hee

  3. Whatever it is, he probably deserved the creeping.
    Hope you're doing all right, Jeremy.

  4. That's not fear, it's joy! He likes the skeletons.

  5. I've seen this and can't remember what it is!


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