Sneek Peek: The Walking Dead Season Two - Desktops... And Something From The Ladies!

Smile, they will think you are safe...
Yes, I made this and more in the Lab... They are at "TWO THUMBS" (recently changed the name), so all of you Walking Dead fans stroll over there. It's funny I got an email from a random fan/friend of my couple site and they had informed me why I don't get a lot of attention [followers, comments] at my "TWO THUMBS" site. That people steal my art and my photos that I should post, I replied I make the art that purpose... not to steal, but to take, enjoy or to share with their followers/friends. Just make sure to credit me back, I mean there is a madness to my madness... to get my name out there. I able to let people know that I am out here ready to create your design needs, for a very reasonable price. It's like anything I do here at "IZOMBIE" same thing, if you would like to use something... please do in most cases I have a larger sized version available.

Shout out to the LADIES... and some of the cool things going on at their sites, this in no way is all my lady friends just a few to get you started.

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