Happy Friday! Look it's My new dog IZZY!

Everyone have a great weekend, do what you love or love what you do...

We got a rat-terrier last weekend from my wife's parents, she is a year old and had been abused from a third party... you know the type. Want a dog, but don't want the responsibilities. So now we have her and she is a so far a good dog, with some need for some love.

So I am working on making her feel welcome, so it's like having kids with the dog and the two cats. It's a zoo!

Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Grats on your new addition! That's a very noble thing you have done. I rescued my old cranky grey cat some 10 years ago and he has been nothing but great.

  2. How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love any Terriers, I have a Jack Russell myself. She's a cutie! Oh and I love retro-iZombie! it's fun and bright!

  3. She looks like an pup eager to be loved. You make her feel safe and listened to and she will be a most devoted companion. You might also want to zombie her up for Halloween. She should start earning a living at least by being a cool model for some blog pics. :-)

  4. Welcome Izzy!
    Makes me mad when people get a pet and then don't take care of it.

  5. hey now! I am liking the new background! simple yet very cool!

  6. thanks all, i am happy she is part of my world... and glad you like the new look, i am trying to make things more simple. my brain exploded and my creative side was a causality of the blast.


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