Superman's: MAN OF STEEL [Photos] Pt II

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Toxic Zombie...

Happy Harry Potter Friday...

End of July and here we all are, are we further in anything... I hope so.  Are those challenges you had complete, did you write your book, see that movie, fall in love, did you win?... I hope so. Sometimes giving up is in all of our horizons, failure gets the best of us all... I hope not. Where do you find your inspirations, who do you find inspiring and what do you do with that inspiration?

I have found inspiration in many of the blog/sites I should visit, I respect those even in the times of the darkness moments still pull it together. Here is some of those people and these people need to be heard, and they have such a great place to see...

Happy Friday, may their inspiration be a guiding light...
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Breaking "MAN OF STEEL" Movie News!

So as I told you that I am really not that far from the "Man Of Steel" movie set, the film set for a 2013 release and me somewhere walking around the production. Now if you have ever been on a movie set like this where the film company builds a town around a town, it is quite amazing to watch. I was able to stand in the background outside the marked areas and watched this all take place, now keeping in mind nothing was really happening.  Building sets, picking sites, setting schedules and the planing... this was what was happening.  Meeting a handful of wonderful towns people and trying to befriend any of the crew, cast... anyone who might talk to me. I was successful I learned a couple things that I will be sharing later on, I did find out nothing about the movie plot and I really didn't want to. I did find the "Kent Farm" by mistake driving home (so I am trying to confirm that it was in fact the farmhouse) and walked into future shooting sites, cause I listened. So here is just some of the photos and I wanted to thank those great and pleasant people of the town and the crew of "Man Of Steel".
-Jeremy [iZombie]

This Thong Too Tight: Part II

Yes the first one was disturbing, so here is the sequel... enjoy?

Disturbed, Yet?


When He Talks, Everyone Listens...

"I tried to put myself in the character’s shoes and see the world from his point of view. After all, villains don’t think they are villains."— William B. Davis talking about his character.

The Smoking Man (sometimes referred to as Cancer Man, the Cigarette-Smoking Man, CSM or C-Man) is a fictional character and the antagonist on the American science fiction television series The X-Files. He serves as the arch-nemesis of FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder. Although his name is revealed to be C.G.B. Spender in the show's sixth season, fans continue to refer to him as the Smoking Man because he is almost always seen chain-smoking Morley cigarettes and because he, like other series villains, has multiple aliases.

Although he utters only four audible words in the entire first season of the show, the Smoking Man eventually develops into the series' primary antagonist. In his early appearances, he is seen in the offices of Division Chief Scott Blevins and Assistant Director Walter Skinner, Mulder and his partner Dana Scully's supervisors. He works for a government conspiracy only known as the Syndicate, who are hiding the truth of alien existence and their plan to colonize Earth.

The Smoking Man is portrayed by Canadian actor William B. Davis. When Davis first received the role, the character was written as "just another" extra for the pilot episode. He eventually returned for small cameo appearances during the first season, making increasingly more appearances in the seasons that followed. Davis never received an award for his portrayal alone, but he was nominated for ensemble awards.

Danielle Harris and Women Filmakers are Among Friends

Help raise some money, to get this
project into production!

(From Site): Scream Queen Danielle Harris steps behind the camera to direct her first full-length feature film, ‘Among Friends’. The screenplay was written by and stars Alyssa Lobit. Lobit also wrote and played the lead character in the award winning film, ‘The Things We Carry’.
Chris Backus, Jennifer Blanc Biehn, AJ Bowen, Brianne Davis, Dana Daurey, Danielle Harris, Kamala Jones, Alyssa Lobit, Chris Meyer, and Tanya Newbould have all signed on to star in the picture.
The script was brilliantly written so that the production cost are low, a good portion of the funds have already been raise, but we're still need to raise a bit of money for our post-production cost.
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Oh You Know What I Like...

Let's call her "Chantilly Lace"... and a pretty-face...
-Jeremy [iZombie]

21 Questions: Gloria Steiger [Artist]

Gloria Steiger [Artist]
"Creepy Glowbugg"

I am not saying anything other than she is a great talent only to be discovered by you, without hast you need to click your way over to read the 21' Q's. Are you still here, the movie is over go.... 

Happy Birthday, Miss Banning!

I want a party, i want some cookies...
So I wanted to wish young miss Banning [Amber Scott] who found out that her dad was really Peter Pan who once did battle with the evil Captain Hook... Happy Birthday!  So I would like to find out she has been dealing with this for so many years, wait more like 20 years ago... therapy. Have they ever returned to Never-land, because the family could especially if your father was Peter Pan. I mean really what must the next day been like, sitting around telling your story, your adventure to the mother, she must have gone bonkers. How is bringing that first boy to meet your dad [maybe it was a lost boy]? Getting your drivers license [can she fly]? Is she an outcast? So many questions, so little time...

So Happy Birthday Maggie Banning, who will turn 26 years old.
-Jeremy [iZombie]

So I Tumble 4 Ya! on a Saturday...

First, I am here on a Saturday, cause it is raining and I cannot shoot or run around outside... not that I cannot it's still like 95 degrees. So another quick thing I am on Tumblr "" and I have no idea what I am doing as of yet and I will try to keep up with it best I can. I know you all here me bitching on how strapped for time I am now, but I like it over there and I will be killing off some of the sites that don't draw attention.

Second, more "Zombie and Assholes" 21 q's interviews going up, soon a great composer [click on banner below] and finally a last minute entry with the music video I worked on. Producers made a 3 minute behind the scene making of post and I must have missed it.

Third I am sending out my book to a few close friends that have graciously offered to look at it, now I asked them not to really review it just to give me some thoughts. I hope to make it available to the rest of the world sometime in August. Found out they are filming the next "Superman" film near me so I thought I might try to get on set, but not to get thrown off it...

Harpo Saturday Everyone!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

AnnaLynne McCord Is A Hot Zombie...

Let me tell you about my best friend...
So yeah, I was thinking here is my first "Hot Girl Zombie" and all the respect in the world to AnnaLynne McCord and the photographer who took this great shot. Here she is all ZOMBIE'D... from my two little digital hands, keep cool in this heat wave. If any of you ladies would like to be my next "Hot Girl Zombie" and want to BIKINI it up, send all those photos to me and I will be sure to examine them closely...

-Jeremy [iZombie]

AnnaLynne McCord Is A Hot Splash...

Summer turns me upside down, like a merry-go-round!

So I had all these photos of "AnnaLynne McCord" from the set of up coming season of 90210, I think this woman is hot really hot [I mean it]. Someone on the set must have decided to cool her off, if they are not careful she may turn green and become enraged. I got these series of photos [respect to the photographer] cause I thought she might make a great zombie candidate for my "iZombie shop", but thought it would be nicer in the series represented.

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Boob Tube!

10 Things I learned from watching television or not!

- Trust No One, except Scully!
- Save the cheerleader, Save the world, for just one good season!
- If Dr. House Speaks, you listen!
- Let Patrick Jane, solve your case!
- Never F' with the Enterprise!
- You can trust a vampire, if you are a slayer!
- Fox will not like you, Firefly, Dollhouse, etc!
- A man can fly, for 10 Seasons... but will take 10 seasons to get there!
- Nerds can be spies, ask Chuck!
- Gil Grissom cannot be replaced, cases still get solved!

What are some of the things you have learned from watching television, that you will take with you for the rest of your life and beyond. So another week has ended and the weekend is right at the edge of midnight, I plan to rest up for the next challenge life should throw at me.

Mom always said, "don't play ball in the house"!
Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Who Can It Be Now?... Neatorama

Who Can It Be...?
So sitting in my room listening to the sounds of Tim Burton's "Sweeney Todd" the doorbell rings, as I hear the running of footsteps from my door. What could it be, who is there... I am alone, or am I? I got box that seem to be moving and moaning, I grabbed the box and went back to only discover my "ZOMBIES" had arrived from the company "Neatorama". I ordered not to long ago, and here they were my "Door Wedges" and "3D Posable Zombie Magnet", I know I shouldn't have... but who could resist those zombie eyes. I plan I getting more from them, cause not only do they have these... some of the coolest stuff on the planet. You should all take click jump over to "Neatorama" and see if there might be something you would like... I am sure there is, yes I am sure there is.
-Jeremy [iZombie]

I Will Have... [Warning to the Weak]

Anybody?.. Sweeney's Waiting...

Zombies and A-holes - My [2vs8] 21Q's Starts Today!

Photographer: Joe Goger
Amber Bollinger [Actress]
My second of many interviews with the cast and crew of the great short film "Zombies and Assholes" is happening right now over at my review site: Now you are probably saying zombie is my bag here, yeah baby it's my bag... but how am I ever going to get you all to visit over there? So we have Zombies and Assholes, what could be better?

Starting with the beautiful and talented "Amber Bollinger" and she graciously took the time out of her schedule to talk with me. So as always I would like you all to go over and read it, if you do this zombie will get his wings, but seriously I only get famous with all of your help... well just someone to tell me "hello".

Jeremy [iZombie]

No Spoilers: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Tommy, Tom Riddle and finally Lord Voldemort

Answer... to special "WTF Friday" who am I, did any of you guess it correctly.... hmmm. So this crazy last part known as "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2" broke all kinds of records this weekend in the states $168,550,000 and foreign $307,000,000 with a total of $475,550,000.  Did you see it? What were your thoughts?

I found myself on the edge of my seat for a good portion of time, I have not read the books and stayed as clear from those who felt the need to ruin it... I mean express their thoughts. Knowing if I had not seen it this last weekend I would have to wait until the dvd release, cause I hate any sort of reviews good or bad.

Evanna Lynch: Isn't she so cute?

And as I promised no spoilers here on the Harry Potter Series... but these people died and I would like to honor those witches and wizards who fought valiantly until the very end.  Wait I said no names or spoilers... go see the film... laugh, cry, rejoice.
Jeremy [iZombie]

One Last Thing... Hear All The Chatter...

So as I have talked in the last week or less, I have been working on my book "Chatterbox" something I had written back in the year 1996. The book is done, now what is next... what to do with it? It is more of a comic book feel that is mostly art/design that includes some writing.  Written with out a beginning, middle or end... just an idea to help mess with your mind and sometimes your soul.  Now I did mention in was written so long ago, my intentions were to do much of the same idea back in 1997, but we didn't have the ebook option at the time.

So I wanted to share it to you and whom ever it should reach, I was in an angry place when I wrote it... so it might be a little rough. I was told I should be committed to a psych ward and I would agree, then... now I am completely normal... look around here, normal I tell you.

Second I got to interview a good friend "Anthony Salvagno" for my 21q's on my review site [click on banner] he makes some incredible art/design. He is a cool and interesting person and has talent you should all look into, don't take my word for it... go there now.

Third, wait for it... wait for it... click!

And Last....
I am hoping to get to see the new and last "Harry Potter", and if you have been living under a rock you might now that it is the last in the film series... and I guess the books to. My mother has a family of foxes living under her deck, so I get to figure out how to rid them without killing them... Good Times!

All have a safe and healthy weekend.
Jeremy [iZombie]

WTF - Friday Special!

Evil, Pure and Simple...
There's something wrong with the world today... I don't know what it is.  Something's wrong with our eyes...We're seeing things in a different way... And God knows it ain't His... It sure ain't no surprise...

So I am the worst, comeback kid of all time and no I am not Damien [The Omen], good guess... though I am on the pages of every paper, book, magazine. Your lips will bleed my name on Monday Coming, I will be hated by some and loved by none. Your Prize Awaits to first correct.. answer, revealed on Monday.

Happy Friday,
Jeremy [iZombie]

What A Wookie...


Scan the Rooftops...

Dirty Birdy, you ain't catchin' Me...
One thing that I hate is when great groups/artist release a new cd of music and you don't ever hear about it until months later. I like many don't listen to the radio anymore, we live in a world of mp3's with a smig of internet music and satellite. How do you find new music, not from these punks that release stuff today... but real strong bands that kids "we call dinosaurs". I don't really follow anyone anymore, though when I find some of my favorites like; Cheap Trick, Bowie, U2, Yes, Alice Cooper, Black Label Society and even Whitesnake when they bring it out, I buy it.

How do you find your music?
What are your must have?
How do you find music, today?

WTF - Answer...

Bryan Cranston
Once dad of "Malcolm in the Middle" and now private enterprise guy on "Breaking Bad".

Melissa Bradley of "" was the first correct answer given and she will win the "BIG PRIZE" now she needs to decide what she wants from the"iZombie Prize Closet". Not there is much stuff in it other than a zombie makeover or anyone she would like to be zombie'd. So if she would like to contact me, we can make all the arrangements, not that there are lots of things to discuss...

On the book front, i have a few preliminary things left, the meat and potatoes is next.
Hey Bowie, look for boogies...
Jeremy [iZombie]

WTF - Monday? [the eggs are all rotten]

Jimmy Cracked Corn, and I don't care!

Okay, here is Monday's Zombie Make Over, I get stuck in the middle in my old life... but now I am just running from the law. Who Am I... big, big prizes await the first correct guess.

More interviews over at: "" I talked with the world's first all blind director "Joseph M. Monks" for his soon to be released film "THE BUNKER" and I chatted with the film's composer "Robert Feigenblatt" later in the week. Soon some great gals from the film "Zombies & Assholes"and one of the guys, but the ladies are much more pretty.

Been working on my book this last couple of days, almost to the almost point... yeah I know you didn't ask, but this explains my blog tardiness. What do you think of my zombie makeovers I have been trying something new, to make then more sinister?

Happy Monday,
Jeremy [iZombie]

Just It's Saturday.... Start them both at the same time...


Baby Talk, Baby Talk... It’s a wonder you can even walk....

 Make it, So... So What!
I was watching a commercial with Jennifer Garner and it reminded me of this episode of the Brady Bunch... maybe you have seen it. She is a beautiful lady, but she always sounds like a child or just that voice... well it makes me goofy. I love her body of film and television work, and the marriage to the great Ben Alfleck.  I know you are saying why is there a zombie-ish photo of William Shatner, I say cause I can... who doesn't love Shatner...

Jeremy [iZombie]


Woof, My goal is just out of reach...

So it's Friday and here I am looking at the height of the tree above, so if you gotta go... ya gotta do the hiking I guess. How is it that some people just fall into luck and some no matter how much they true still fail, but are really good people. I find that hard work or even mild working turns to gold eventually, and those who are complete "a" holes get handed the silver spoon. So the questions is are you a fighter or a "a" hole... okay be honest?

Kidding, we all are fighters and work towards one common goal not to be left behind, forgotten or mauled over by this world's weight. I was thinking where I wanted to be and how much time do I have to get it done... is there ever enough time, do we want more time and do we need more time? Just ask "Java" the beautiful pit bull dog, who's goal to reach the tree...

Happy Friday, may your goals be within your reach.
Jeremy [iZombie]

You Talkin' To Me... Or Her?

How can a movie look this hot, and be such crap?

You Talkin' To Me...

Are you talking to me, you better not be talking to me...

Anyone Else Got This On Their Hands?

So I have been missing in action since, well May and here it is July... but I have been working towards a few goals. Manly looking for work, it has been very grim... though I have scored the occasional freelance job, but not enough to celebrate. I have been working on getting some great interviews for my review site "" and have plenty more coming down the road.

Also I have been designing and creating art which, I hope to share or maybe even sell at some point... anyone know of a good place to sell art that does not give you like 10% of the profits? My hope is that I can lower my prices to fit more people's budgets and give you something to look at that is different. I will be closing down some of my sites soon, cause I have spread myself too thin... looking for that one idea. I am neglecting what I should be doing and missing out on all the great comments you all leave.

I too have set my goals into producing my first "ebook", something that had been waiting to see the light and working with a great internet friend on another book that him and I hope to finish soon. So hopes that these couple of books at least get me re-motivated that it is going to get brighter than dark. Not that the darkness is all bad, but this isn't a story... it is our lives.

Speaking of stories... the truth is much more lame than I am about to tell you. I burned my forearms last week with first and second degree burns, which made last week very tough to type... so I am watching x-files dvds. So here is the "story" not the truth, I was on a photo shoot with this beautiful young model at a stable as I was the assistant to my friend the photographer. As we made our around the outskirts of this horse stable the sweet sounds of the camera click, a smile here... a glance there... I wondered off to the brush being burned on the edge of the stable grounds, I wanted to shoot the flames that came about six feet from the ground. I leaned onto the metal barrel to secure my shoot, only to realize it was to close to the hot flame... I got burned... the barrel was the cooker... sizzle.

Now that is the story, the truth will set me free... someday.

What Would You Do?

Ever what it might look like if you were infected, the zombie virus has struck and you could not avoid it... What would you do? What would you think about? Where would you go? What would it look like if you were captured? It might look something like this, how would you get out? What would you do? [slow this sentence down], and repeat... over and over and over again.....

What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would I do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do? What would you do?