Zombies and A-holes - My [2vs8] 21Q's Starts Today!

Photographer: Joe Goger
Amber Bollinger [Actress]
My second of many interviews with the cast and crew of the great short film "Zombies and Assholes" is happening right now over at my review site: Now you are probably saying zombie is my bag here, yeah baby it's my bag... but how am I ever going to get you all to visit over there? So we have Zombies and Assholes, what could be better?

Starting with the beautiful and talented "Amber Bollinger" and she graciously took the time out of her schedule to talk with me. So as always I would like you all to go over and read it, if you do this zombie will get his wings, but seriously I only get famous with all of your help... well just someone to tell me "hello".

Jeremy [iZombie]


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