Happy Harry Potter Friday...

End of July and here we all are, are we further in anything... I hope so.  Are those challenges you had complete, did you write your book, see that movie, fall in love, did you win?... I hope so. Sometimes giving up is in all of our horizons, failure gets the best of us all... I hope not. Where do you find your inspirations, who do you find inspiring and what do you do with that inspiration?

I have found inspiration in many of the blog/sites I should visit, I respect those even in the times of the darkness moments still pull it together. Here is some of those people and these people need to be heard, and they have such a great place to see...

Happy Friday, may their inspiration be a guiding light...
-Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. He's gonna use his magic to get yo brains!! lol.

  2. Too many deep questions this early in the morning!
    Still looking for inspiration for my next book...

  3. Happy Friday! July was a good month for me, I just didn't get to see all the movies I wanted to see but I was being a slacker. :[


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