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Baby Talk, Baby Talk... It’s a wonder you can even walk....

 Make it, So... So What!
I was watching a commercial with Jennifer Garner and it reminded me of this episode of the Brady Bunch... maybe you have seen it. She is a beautiful lady, but she always sounds like a child or just that voice... well it makes me goofy. I love her body of film and television work, and the marriage to the great Ben Alfleck.  I know you are saying why is there a zombie-ish photo of William Shatner, I say cause I can... who doesn't love Shatner...

Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. I havent seen the brady bunch in years! lol.

  2. Nothing like a little Shatner, zombie-style.

  3. Shatner's never looked better! And I dig Jennifer's body. Her movies as well!

  4. digging jennifer's body... i didn't see that until you said it...

    and shatner is god in life and zombie-life.

    zombie, start watching the bradys


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