One Last Thing... Hear All The Chatter...

So as I have talked in the last week or less, I have been working on my book "Chatterbox" something I had written back in the year 1996. The book is done, now what is next... what to do with it? It is more of a comic book feel that is mostly art/design that includes some writing.  Written with out a beginning, middle or end... just an idea to help mess with your mind and sometimes your soul.  Now I did mention in was written so long ago, my intentions were to do much of the same idea back in 1997, but we didn't have the ebook option at the time.

So I wanted to share it to you and whom ever it should reach, I was in an angry place when I wrote it... so it might be a little rough. I was told I should be committed to a psych ward and I would agree, then... now I am completely normal... look around here, normal I tell you.

Second I got to interview a good friend "Anthony Salvagno" for my 21q's on my review site [click on banner] he makes some incredible art/design. He is a cool and interesting person and has talent you should all look into, don't take my word for it... go there now.

Third, wait for it... wait for it... click!

And Last....
I am hoping to get to see the new and last "Harry Potter", and if you have been living under a rock you might now that it is the last in the film series... and I guess the books to. My mother has a family of foxes living under her deck, so I get to figure out how to rid them without killing them... Good Times!

All have a safe and healthy weekend.
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. You are so talented, buddy, anything you produce will be gold.

  2. You seem normal to me! You know I want to read it. And the last Harry Potter movie is awesome - best of the bunch.

  3. Awesome! I'm also in the process of writing a book and a short story. I'm almost done with my short story then I'm going to try to get it published in magazines to get my name out there.

  4. Hope you have a safe and healthy weekend as well. I will head on over to 21 q's to check out your interview Anthony for sure.

    I'm intrigued by your description of you book and hope you are able to do something great with it.

    I'm hoping to see the final HP myself.


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