WTF - Monday? [the eggs are all rotten]

Jimmy Cracked Corn, and I don't care!

Okay, here is Monday's Zombie Make Over, I get stuck in the middle in my old life... but now I am just running from the law. Who Am I... big, big prizes await the first correct guess.

More interviews over at: "" I talked with the world's first all blind director "Joseph M. Monks" for his soon to be released film "THE BUNKER" and I chatted with the film's composer "Robert Feigenblatt" later in the week. Soon some great gals from the film "Zombies & Assholes"and one of the guys, but the ladies are much more pretty.

Been working on my book this last couple of days, almost to the almost point... yeah I know you didn't ask, but this explains my blog tardiness. What do you think of my zombie makeovers I have been trying something new, to make then more sinister?

Happy Monday,
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. Wicked makeover for Bryan Cranston. This makes an awesome poster. Hope the book is going well. I, too, have been very tardy with my blogging. More the visiting friends part as my temp assignments and deadlines have taken over lately.

  2. They're looking great! And glad you're making progress on the book. Almost anyway.

  3. It's Bryan Cranston, love him and breaking bad


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