Oprah... Said!

I want to let everyone know, I see you, I hear you and you are special... I love most of you, there are ones out there who I hold deep in my heart. The rest of you are just "strangers in the night" as we pass glances in the night...speaking of strangers in the night... What the Hell are they thinking with "Fright Night" remake, I mean come on isn't there something else Hollywood can ruin?

So I wanted to tell everyone to have a great last few days of the month, I will be on a cowgirl photo shoot [weather pending] today, going to a bonfire party Saturday... friends on Sunday... and last my mommy's house on Monday. So I won't have things posted for a few days. Spend time with your family, friends or that guy who stares at you while you are in the phone booth.

Peace Up,
Jeremy [iZombie]


Sick Bubblegum [Explicit Lyrics] and the "F" Bomb...

 Now I am not a fan too much of dropping the "F" Bomb in music, but if it works... it works. So here is Rob Zombie and his "Hellbilly Deluxe II"... ditty "Sick Bubblegum"... and this is music that doesn't suck.

Oprah... is OFF!

My television is out, i cannot watch the last live [recorded] show of OPRAH... my life is not complete. What is she going to say, what will she talk about... will the mothership take her home. Stupid storm, takes away all of my "H-OPRAH"... someone will have to tell me all what happens... What a world, what a world... what a world... 

Bill-Boreds 2011... It takes Talent to...

to... be this Bad... "Trampformers"
I just get it, but when did real music stop... I maybe getting too old or really don't care. What are some of your favorite "current" groups, please recommend something... my poor ears cannot take it anymore. Why are they famous... look at this modern day Lucy and Ethel here, is it meant to be sexy or robots in disguise?

Dead Or Alive...

Well we made it, the weekend is over and some of you are not here... cause you all went to the greater place in heaven. All the rest of us did things like go see Pirates IV, cut the lawn, endure the tragic storms, grieve over the loss of Randy "Macho Man" Savage.  I hope that you and your loved ones have survived whatever it may have been, my heart goes out to those families who did lose someone...

End of the World... Well for Some of Us...

Those who should move to the higher plain, good luck... for you it's the end, with a new beginning. I plan I waiting to the real move in October, then I can say my good-byes. So those of us who are still here on Sunday we will be forever known as the "Leftovers" and I will see you all on Monday...

Much Respect!

Good-bye... Good Luck,
Jeremy [iZombie]


Two and a Half Men - This has been Tweet'd by the guy on the left...

 "Human Zombies"... Meeeee'eeenn!

Lee (Jeans) Oh Yeah... Life Goes On...

The company was formed in 1889 by Henry David Lee as the Lee Mercantile Company at Salina, Kansas producing dungarees and jackets. The growth of Lee was prompted by the introduction of the Union-All work jumpsuit in 1913 and their first overall in 1920. Later in the 1920s Lee introduced a zipper fly and continued to expand. Around this time, the first children's overall line was sold. In 1928 H.D. Lee, founder and president of The H.D. Lee Mercantile Company, died of complications following a heart attack. During the 1930s and 1940s the company became the leading manufacturer of work clothes in the US. In 1944, the Lazy "S" became the official Lee back pocket. A flood wiped out Lee's Kansas City distribution center. It ruined the entire stock of merchandise, except the Buddy Lee dolls, which floated. In 1954, Lee expanded into casual wear. During the 1960s the company expanded to 81 countries and in 1969 was acquired by VF Corporation, becoming a brand. Lee aired its first television advertisement, which promoted Lee western wear. In the 1970s Lee shifted its focus from the workwear business and began catering to fashion cycles. Lee created an all-new fit for women under the Ms. Lee label. A youth wear line for boys and girls was introduced. In 1996 started Lee National Denim Day as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Working with the Entertainment Industry Foundation, Lee National Denim Day has raised over $75 million to help fund breast cancer research programs.

21 Questions: Brian Cachia [Composer]

I had the "EXTREME" pleasure of interviewing "Brian Cachia" [Composer] for my new "21 Questions" over at my other site, please stop over and take a look. "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers".  Look for both parts interview and the accomplishments.
Jeremy [iZombie]


It's the END...

Of the World... I wanted to say goodbye to all my friends and followers, which are both the same. According to the news May 21, 2011 it's over... if I didn't get to say it... Thank You.

Bones: Cute, Creepy or Disturbing?

You decide if Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan is Cute, Creepy or Disturbing?
Yes I know lame, but I am what I am...

Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut!

Jack Messitt’s award winning horror film can finally be seen as it was intended. With new and enhanced visual effects, never before seen footage and extended scenes, what called “a true modern day horror classic” just got better. With an “atmosphere that oozes dread” (, Midnight Movie is “a gory and fast paced good time” (

It was just another rundown movie house in a small suburban town -- what better place for a midnight screening of a true cult classic? But this isn't your typical horror film, because five years earlier, the director and star of the movie made a bloody escape from a psych ward and may still be on the loose.

When the film starts to roll, the heckling begins. But when one of their friends is viciously murdered in the very movie they are watching, laughter gives way to fear as the horrified audience realizes that it is no prank.

When they try to run, they realize that the same psycho they just saw on the silver screen has trapped them all in the theater. With no hope of escape and their numbers thinning fast, the survivors must figure out a way to turn the tables on the very same killer that they once rooted for in the cult slasher flick. Caught between reality and the screen's flickering shadows, they become the unwilling stars of the very horror movie they were watching.

On the Fraggle Rock... and Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut!

   Hope everyone had a great weekend, with the weather and the blogger updates that happened over the last several days I gave up. Seems my internet was down due to the weather and on return I couldn't get into my emails or blog, only to find out about the blogger being serviced.  I thought it was me and that I had the problem and technically I did, but I just gave up and watched a bunch of dvd's of Smallville. 
   On brighter things I was on the "A" list of stuff in the last week with a advanced dvd of "Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut" by my new great friend director "Jack Messitt". That is something I will explain later, along with a handful of soundtracks from "Howlin' Wolf Records", which includes the score to "Midnight Movie". Now Wall Crumpler from "HWR" another great friend I have been falling the score release trail since the start of the business...
   Okay I am getting ahead of myself but, if you go to "" my other site you can read the previous interviews [look under goodies on the right]. I also very sorry about not visiting many of my favorite blogs/web sites, but I am being attacked by time and time is winning. Everyday I come closer to exploding and I need to better prioritize my list of things.

May Monday bring you less Mayhem!
Jeremy [iZombie]

Barney Stinson... Has Been Turned Into A Zombie...

How I Met Your Mother
Barnabus "Barney" Stinson is a fictional character created by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for the CBS television series How I Met Your Mother, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris. The character has been extremely well received by critics and has been credited for much of the show's success. He is considered the show's breakout character. 

As far as talent goes, Barney has exhibited eloquence, wit and creativity numerous times throughout the series. He is very well-connected, the most affluent of the group and speaks at least one language other than English, using what is said to be Ukrainian (but is Russian in fact) with his tailor, Mandarin and Korean at least twice in business deals with shady North Koreans. He apparently also has above-average video-editing skills; he created and edited his entire video resume all by himself. Also, he seems to be a talented website designer, as shown in "The Playbook." As shown on more than one occasion, he is proficient at playing the piano, as are Ted and Marshall. He seems to have a thorough understanding of human behavior and uses this mainly to manipulate situations to his advantage (mostly to pick up women). Several episodes also showcase many of Barney's crazier abilities, such as his physical ability to complete the New York City marathon without a single day of training (though his legs went numb while he took the subway moments later), being able to punch through walls, stay under water for up to 12 minutes and being knowledgeable enough to guess the exact price of prizes on The Price Is Right. He also juggles knives in "Doppelgangers". Despite his eclectic and prodigious talents, Barney is lacking in several common skills, such as driving a car but he seems to have learned as he tries to prove that he can get out of a ticket or using a screwdriver.

Sleestaks are not just Hot, but they...

...Sleestak Sizzle!
Sleestaks are devolved, green humanoids with both reptilian and insectoid features; they have scaly skin with frills around the neck, bulbous unblinking eyes, pincer-like hands, stubby tails, and a single blunt horn on top of the head, and bear a resemblance to the hypothetical "Dinosauroid". Sleestaks often communicate with a hissing sound that rarely changes in characteristics. However, like their Altrusian ancestors, they possess some rudimentary form of telepathy as well. Sleestaks are more sophisticated than Pakuni and are able to manufacture crossbows, rope, nets, periscopes and other relatively advanced technologies. Sleestak are typically equipped with a crossbow and a quiver full of metal bolts which hang from their waist. The Sleestak have a current population of about 7,000 according to the Library of Skulls, but there were only three Sleestak costumes available for the show's production, which sometimes required creative editing to create the illusion that they were that numerous.

Chuck [TV] - Season IV...

On Monday the NBC's Show "CHUCK" comes to the end of it's forth season, and there is concern it is coming to the end of the show for good. I like all the fans of the this show will be hoping for the best for our heroes Chuck and Sarah, Casey and Morgan, Jeffster... and all the Buy More Employees.

The art is inspired by the young man who asked his girl to prom, but got banned because of trespassing on school grounds after hours. He had gotten a one day suspension and is not allowed to go to his prom, though there has been an outcry by the public to let him go... It might even have been resolved by now, good luck James Tate...

David Tennant: The Doctor... to the Tenth!

David Tennant (born David John McDonald on 18 April 1971) is a Scottish actor. In addition to his work in theatre, including a widely praised Hamlet, Tennant is best known for his role as the tenth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, along with the title role in the 2005 TV serial Casanova and as Barty Crouch, Jr. in the 2005 film adaptation, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

If someone asks if you are a GOD...

You say... YES!

Zombies Can't Love... Toot, Toot... My Zombie Horn!

I got ask to make a header this month, and I thought I would share with you what a zombie attack might look like... after I get done with it..

Jeremy [iZombie]

I Talked To God, And He Doesn't Like You Either!

Canceled TV Shows that never get off the ground, can you think of any... here is the list of new or recent shows that are getting the ax, riding the fence or are dead...

Smallville Season 10: Finale

Ten years, ten years of a program called "Smallville", many thought it should have ended around season 6 and sometimes I would have to agree. It has been a rough trip for Clark Kent and his road to becoming the iconic character "Superman" as the shows progress to final to put on the suit. Me personally I hope it doesn't happen, not because I am against it, the show was never about Clark's destiny... but the journey. It was and is a different take on that journey that makes it the great program that it is, some of those who wanted the story the way they knew wouldn't appreciate the "Smallville" journey.

Want to see the suit and some of the images from the last episode [Warning Spoilers]?


21 Questions: Rondal Scott III [Strange Kids Club]

I had the pleasure of interviewing "Rondal Scott III" [Strange Kids Club] for my new "21 Questions" over at my other site, please stop over and take a look. "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers".  Look for both parts interview and the art.
Jeremy [iZombie]

It Sucks... & Pippa Middleton has a wish!

Not sure if I am the only one, but is your blogger running bad today? I have none of "My Reader List" so I am having trouble following all your personal post, and my day is started by reading your post.  Well either way it's Friday and I am happy cause... it's Friday. So everyone go have a great weekend, and to all you mothers out there... may someone tell you they love you. 

I LOVE YOU MOM!... Yes Zombies have mommies too!

Cinco de Mayo and my Pimp Hand!

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
What does this have to do with Austin Powers?
Nothing, nothing at all!

Double Tap... He is Dead!

"As coroner, I must aver. I thoroughly examined him. And he's not only merely dead, he's really, most sincerely dead!"

This Island Earth [1955]

This Island Earth [1955]
Dr. Cal Meacham, a noted scientist, receives an unusual substitute for electronic condensers that he ordered. He receives instruction and parts to build a complex communication device called an interocitor. Although neither Meacham nor his assistant Joe Wilson have heard of an interocitor, they immediately begin constructing it. When finished, a mysterious man named Exeter appears on the interocitor's screen and tells Meacham he has passed the test. His ability to build the interocitor demonstrates that he is gifted enough to be part of Exeter's special research project.

Intrigued, Meacham is picked up the next day at the airport by an unmanned, computer-controlled Douglas DC-3 aircraft with no windows. Landing in a remote area of Georgia, he finds an international group of top-flight scientists already present – including an old flame, Dr. Ruth Adams. Cal is almost immediately suspicious of the odd-looking group of men leading the project.

Cal and Ruth try to flee with a third scientist, Steve Carlson, but their car is attacked and Carlson is killed. When they take off in a small plane, Cal and Ruth watch as the facility and all its inhabitants are incinerated, and their plane is drawn by a mysterious beam into a flying saucer. They learn that Exeter and his band are from the planet Metaluna, having come to Earth seeking uranium deposits as well as scientists to help defend their planet in a war against the evil Zagons. Exeter informs the Earthlings that he is taking them back to his world. Exeter and the Metalunans are attacked by Zagon star ships, carrying meteors, to be used to destroy them and Metaluna. The Metalunan saucer easily avoids each attack, by dodging the oncoming planetoid bombs.

After a mind-bending journey, they arrive to find the planet under full bombardment and falling quickly to the enemy. Metalunan society is breaking down and there is little hope. Their leader, The Monitor, reveals that the Metalunans intend to relocate to Earth and insists that Meacham and Adams be subjected to a Thought Transference Chamber in order to subjugate their free will so they cannot object. Exeter believes this to be immoral and misguided since it constrains their ability to help the Metalunans. Exeter decides to help Cal and Ruth escape, thus revolting against his own kind, before they enter the brain-reprogramming facility.

Exeter is badly injured by a Mutant while the three escape from Metaluna prior to the final destruction of the planet, transforming it into a new star, to light other worlds. The Mutant also boards the craft, but dies as a result of pressure differences on the journey back to Earth.

As they enter Earth's atmosphere, Exeter sends Cal and Ruth on their way in their small plane, but he himself is dying and the ship is nearly depleted of energy. With no other options, Exeter uses the craft's remaining power to fly it out to sea and crash.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and ZOMBIES!

I have found some art/design on that leads me to believe there might be some zombies in the up and coming "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" brought to us by the ever popular "Disney". I wanted to let you know I am going to have a months worth of post on "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers" my other site that is devoted to movies, music and other things I think you might be interested in.

I have of course added my spin to this art, and would like to give credit to the artist, which I am having trouble making out "TEVEZ" so if you know them... please thank them!

More things of art arrrrgggghhhh coming, and I will introduce to something else I have created when I should have been resting from that two week long battle of sickness.

I have tracked down my 200, and 201 followers and as I promised they will be winning something and I will be contacting them soon. If you should know them, let them be warned "iZombie" is looking for them...

200: Robyn Alana Engel -
201: Sylvia Ney -

And Last... on the A to Z blog Challenge

Y is for Yvonne Strahovski! - I do love "NBC's Chuck"!
X is for... An X-file? - depends on how you see it!
X is X-rated... - Just a funny!
V is for... Victoria's Secret - Was for the Ladies!
U is for... Underworld: Selene - Yeah for Part 4
U is for... Spider Bite - is a Urban Legend
Q is for Q's... - Four Q's... say that fast!

201 Followers, X-rated Zombies and my Apologies...

First, I wanted to welcome all the newest followers, I cannot believe I am in the big leagues now... "201 Followers" in my little place of zombies. I have received many emails and comments in the month of April as many of us took part in the "A to Z April Challenge 2011" brought to us by "Tossing It Out" and many helpful blog minions. It was a great and was a challenge... thank you everyone!

Second, I did receive a few frown down responses for some of the choices I had made in letter post... mostly the "Q" and "X"... Yes they were dirty and tasteless, but I promise you if you got to the "X" and click it won't be dirty... just funny. Well might be funny and well for the "Q" just say the picture to yourself a couple of times, yeah I know silly.

Third, there will be a prize for "Followers 200, 201" cause I believe I made some silly contest when I reached 100. So I will find you and share something with you. So everyone have a royal day and as I have been saying "no matter where you go, there you are".
Jeremy [iZombie]

21 Questions: Thomas Tuna [Writer]

I had the pleasure of interviewing "Thomas Tuna" [writer, editor] for my new "21 Questions" over at my other site, please stop over and take a look. "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers".  Look for both parts interview and the art.
Jeremy [iZombie]