Oprah... Said!

I want to let everyone know, I see you, I hear you and you are special... I love most of you, there are ones out there who I hold deep in my heart. The rest of you are just "strangers in the night" as we pass glances in the night...speaking of strangers in the night... What the Hell are they thinking with "Fright Night" remake, I mean come on isn't there something else Hollywood can ruin?

So I wanted to tell everyone to have a great last few days of the month, I will be on a cowgirl photo shoot [weather pending] today, going to a bonfire party Saturday... friends on Sunday... and last my mommy's house on Monday. So I won't have things posted for a few days. Spend time with your family, friends or that guy who stares at you while you are in the phone booth.

Peace Up,
Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. Enjoy the shoot. And the remake of Fright Night is just wrong.

  2. I'm not sure what's scarier: the fact that I know the Oprah quote you just referenced, or that Colin Farrell thinks he's a bad ass vampire. Probably a coin toss...

  3. Wow! Have a great weekend, buddy! Sounds like a blast. I wish I had one thing planned. It's going to be a long fucking weekend. Yeah, remake...I always wanted a remake of Fright Night that was less campy, but the casting for it??? Not sure about that.

  4. Oh no, not more mention on the Fright night remake, I might even have to do a second ranting post of how stupid this idea is. Right? Next they'll remake Dead Alive or some other movie that needs to be left alone. At least there are a few of us out there that keep the good taste.

    Ugh, okay I'm done. Have a great Weekend!

  5. Right back at yeah! Have a great weekend.


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