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End of the World... Well for Some of Us...

Those who should move to the higher plain, good luck... for you it's the end, with a new beginning. I plan I waiting to the real move in October, then I can say my good-byes. So those of us who are still here on Sunday we will be forever known as the "Leftovers" and I will see you all on Monday...

Much Respect!

Good-bye... Good Luck,
Jeremy [iZombie]



  1. I remember when Halo 3 came out! lol.

  2. Awesome post! That song is one of my top 3 favorite songs:

    Mad World

    Well, I'm not going to end until the zombies arrive. Then, I'm gonna have me some zombie hunting fun!

  3. A fairy dust extractor? Very cool. Wonder how much the one that runs on batteries, costs. You know, for outside fairy dust extracting.

  4. "Leftovers" - that is funny!


  5. Yeah, yeah, See you on Monday :)

  6. First time I've ever been referred to as a leftover!

  7. Hi fellow leftover. Do you know I quite like the idea of not being picked. Wo wants to follow the crowd!


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