Interview with Heidi Leigh [Timeblazers/Monster Warriors]

Interview with Heidi Leigh

-Tell us about yourself and your site [links, partners, past]?
Heidi Leigh: I started this site February 1, 2012 as a blog-spot. After 500,000 page-views in just over a month I decided to move to I am an actress, best known for staring in the series Timeblazers and Monster Warriors.

-Do you feel your site will grab the wrong attention?
Heidi Leigh: Wrong attention? Well, as far analytics go no attention is bad attention. However, I recently did an interview on the Jay Thomas Radio Show (Live on Howard Stern Radio Fridays) and realized I don't like the crude angle some people take. YES, they are breasts. But it's not an "adult site" and I'd like it to be seen more as silly body part art.

-What is your plan or the direction for the future?
Heidi Leigh: In the future...well ideally I'd love to be able to make this my job! Who wouldn't want to live off breast puppets?

-What has the first reaction been from friends, family or media?
Heidi Leigh: Reactions have been mixed, and they've also been the most interesting part of this for me. Friends and family love it, support it and even submit buppets of their own! The general public reaction is so mixed! Men expecting to find sexy boobs on the site get angry (how dare I put my breasts online for purposes other than pleasing men?), women either praise it (some of the love I've received from women worldwide has been overwhelming) or get catty about a woman getting body based attention (which made me sad). Regardless, it seems to have created talk across the board about breasts in a nonsexual, funny and artistic way and that's fantastic.

-Favorite Music and last song you bought?
Heidi Leigh: Favourite music! Um... love Motown, LOVE Prince... last album I bought was Robyn's latest and online I listen to My Terrible Friend all the time. Also The Hypnophonics! Psycho-billy at it's finest!

-Here or There [where do you want to be, why]?
Heidi Leigh: I have a trip planned in two weeks to Mexico with one of my best friends in the world and it's ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT!!!

-Last good movie you had seen?
Heidi Leigh: The Last Castle with Robert Redford. It's about a decade old, but I discovered it recently and loved it. It's similar to Shawshank Redemption.

-Three words that describe you best?
Heidi Leigh: Hmmm.... creative, spontaneous, happy.

I wanted to thank Heidi for this chance to talk with her and sharing her latest success, now I encourage you all to visit her site. It is a sharing of Adult Content... breast people... breast! It's fun and it's interesting!
Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]


  1. Such a strange website... not a huge surprise that it got popular though, with the subject matter at hand. Lots of respect for her, for being a Last Castle fan though!

  2. Had never heard of her before today but good questions and answers and her site is not bad!

  3. Ha! No wonder she got so many tits, er I mean hits. My blog post today is also about exposed tits, but a totally different take. check it out.

  4. She sure does have silly boobs. lol.

  5. Jeremy, great interview with a starlet. I love the part about guys getting angry that the breasts aren't sexual.

  6. Oddly enough, I watch Timeblazers all the time (well, my kids do, and I see the show in the background. Parents know what I'm talking about, amirite). I thought she was hot, but never expected anything like this. Oddly conflicted. Just don't tell me Dora did anything like this.


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