Monday Blues..Greens and Red

Rolling Snake Eyes
I had planned on a spectacular return as I have been slacking in the post, not that they weren't entertaining... but as you all might know I have been busy. First I have been added to the official "Howlin' Wolf Records" family as their update site and on-line magazine. So my "Two Thumbs" review site is now "Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine" where I am interviewing and reviewing some great stuff. Second just finished a blood drive at "Horror Blogger Alliance", which  I was raising money to fix the place up. Third Finished my coloring book for your mind "Retro-Zombie: Art and Words". Forth was part of the "A to Z Challenge" and was a team member, wonderful time... Then throw in a few life things and you have what I would like to call burned out. Oh last thing I have been interviewed for a book [info: coming soon] and this interview from "Left Hand Horror", so I had thought of taking a month off... I didn't.

Well there you go, that is a lot of links on things I am part of and I have received many cool things in the mail that I haven't even gotten to yet, I did take a photo of the treasure... maybe you will recognize some of it.

More details on that soon... and on Tuesday I am having a giveaway I think!
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]



  1. I recognise a lot from that haul, good stuff....

  2. Everything but the bag - which if I remember right, your wife snagged. Been a busy few months. Ready for things to settle down so I can write the third and final book.


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