What is Your Zombie Bucket List?

It's a big problem, when the
spider is bigger than you are!

Here is your chance to come up with 3 to 5 items you would like to have on your "RETRO-ZOMBIE TUESDAY SPECIAL EDITION BUCKET LIST", it can be as realistic or fantasy as you would like it to be... just remember to have fun with it.

- Be made into a cartoon character for an animated film or comic book
- Be able to be on the actual bridge of the Enterprise
- To be the next "It" thing, everyone is talking about
- To have a party where it is everyone I would ever like to meet
- To be a "One Hit Wonder"

I think it a great idea to have something you really want to do before you should ascend to a higher plain, not that I want any of you to go into the light just yet. Maybe down the road this could turn into a Blog-Hop, just throwing it out there... someone takes the leap forward.
-Jeremy [Retro-Zombie] 


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  2. I find that giant spider adorable, in a weird kind of way...

    As for the bucket list, I just want to eat really good pizza as often as possible, that's all.

  3. 1. Win enough money to be happy!
    2. Immortality.
    3. Develop latent mind control skills.
    4. Shag Pamela Anderson.
    5. Invent a teleporter.

  4. Me? I'd like to figure the universe out while I'm still living. I don't want to have to die to finally 'know'.

  5. One of the things on my bucket list is to actually have a bucket list. lol.

  6. I've done everything I've wanted to with these five exceptions...
    1. Have a book on the NYT bestsellers list.
    2. Jump on Oprah's couch talking about the book.
    3. Win the lotto so I can travel whenever I want.
    4. Have lunch with Viggo Mortenson in a dimly lit restaurant. (My husband is okay with this as long as he can do the same with Sandra Bullock)
    5. Win an Oscar and give a really phenomenal acceptance speech.

  7. I've already worried I would be a one hit wonder.
    Rock star! Expert guitarist. Sans crappy lifestyle though.

  8. I had the similar idea for a blog-fest. Maybe we could pool together on it. Here's five off the top of my head.
    1. Travel in the TARDIS to meet Lincoln
    2. Enter the Warp Core of the Enterprise
    3. Drink a Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster from Hitchhiker's
    4. Publish a comic book
    5. Put out an R&B album

    @ Angry Lurker As one comedian said about his decision to live forever, "So far, so good!"

  9. I want to ride every roller coaster in the world. That might take a while.

  10. 1. Rock star for just one tour.
    2. Play quarterback for the Packers
    3. Invent something cool and useful
    4. Race a Funny Car
    5. Find that damn Fountain Of Youth

  11. 1. Play a part in one movie.
    2. To be a vampire; more Anne Rice, less Stephenie Meyer
    3. To hunt demons.
    4. Storm chaser.
    5. To survive any apocalypse and be the badass who brings civilization back from the brink.

  12. I am Dying ...(Less than 70% of only one lung) My heart is turning into a hardening Blackened mass... ...So I have a Reason for a "Bucket List".... Good Idea We will decide what our list is after I know more on my "health issues" at the first of the year... for now just "hanging in there"


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