Just Plugging My Stuff...

Sorry, everyone I am plugging my stuff again and some other cool things that I have found... all because I have to get some stuff out to the world if it be some art or I design something for you.  Heck I just offered to shovel your driveways in case of snow we all are apparently going to get hit by.

And of course I am working against the clock as the computer is internally messed up.  It needs new mother-board, and upgrades... Can't you help a Zombie out?
Something many of you writers need, you got the write skills and maybe not the art...
Blogs Too! Very Affordable & Reasonably Priced.
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Retro-Art and things I find interesting...things I see in my head.
Custom Art Is Just One Thought Away.

My reviews of many things movies, music, books... something you would like to plug?
100 To 200 Hits Daily.
Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers -

There is some frightening things going on and apparently it's scary, join today!
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Thanks for taking a look, I am happy if you would stop by and say hello... leave me your thoughts.

It's Coming...

Depending you on where you might be in the world, the united states has been and still being hit hard by the hell called snow. I have taken it upon myself  to come to all of your houses and shovel your walks and driveways, now there will be a nominal fee of course. Cause you don't want to make stay outside of your house, I will make some snow angels... bloody snow angels with your pets. Now those who will see the snow, please be careful... and I have shovel in hand!

Despite All My Rage....

 iZombie Lover
Looking down at the calender I have come to realize I am at my "One Year Anniversary", I cannot not believe I have made it this long and the pleasure of meeting you all. Or the fact that I was able to post so many things in one year, and now on to the next year. What should I do, who am I, how will this grow, what should I wear?

So I am working on a computer that has tape and paperclips holding it together, and for now it seems to be holding together. I will be posting more personal things and hopes that you can see more design that come from my head. I appreciate everyone of you and your comments, it is a self-motivator to keep returning everyday and to all those I have been able to personally help.. All the best!

Thanks for a great year, great success to all of you!

Boys and Girls....

I cannot believe it's that time of the year, where my computer craps out again... i have been off line since 9am and ran four hours of test and many restarts... time to break down for the big purchase... i am running good right now, but afraid to turn it off. so if do not return with anything other than text, it's cause i have no way to get the art. i have a rusty so-so laptop it just cannot do the same things... as Jupiter II [the name of my computer].

so please don't throw rocks, if i am not back soon.


Update: Computer is old and Fail[ing]...

Happy Friday...

Steak Night Song and Dance


ANYONE ELSE seeing a problem, all my blogs that have "question polls" and anywhere I have added myself as a follower gives me a generic icon and it's not even my name. Did I miss a maintenance call upgrades to the blogger world... or am I just nuts.

For Example: the question pull in the upper right corner on Tuesday had almost 22 to 25 responses, now it is half of that...

Please Help, I want to make sure people's vote gets counted!

Simply Hot Blogfest

I am running late this morning on this blog-fest "Simply Hot Mugshots" hosted by Erica and Christy and I wanted to give you a shot of my mug... my favorite mug...

My brother got married and gave these out to us as groomsmen and I used it for coffee and then decided to put my little Pee-Wee's into it. Now these are the vintage Pee-Wee's not the cheezy re-release of them ... this all happened about 20 years ago.

Just Saying, Something is on her lips...

Ahh! Zombies
 ... is that a piece of brain matter? is that brain matter? i caught her smooching with your brother, maybe it wasn't smooching... more biting maybe... don't know, but she said she lived here... now it's your problem. well she didn't say she lived here, more this is the address on piece of mail she had in her purse. so now she is your responsibility... or we like to say "tag you're it".

Who's a good Boy?

Hello... everyone and new friends and followers,

I am so glad you all stopped by with the "Top Ten Music - Blog-fest" I am still stopping by those who submitted their own list.  It was a huge success for Alex @ "" over 100+ blogs got involved, bravo to him.

Now you all know I have a Blog-fest going on with the lovely Ellie @ "" ours is called "Top Ten Horror/Science Fiction Movie Quotes" and is located at the top of both of our sites. Please check it out and please add your name, and share your favorites.

I am working on a few sites that I maintain and creating a couple of new ones, I am wanting to be the blog mogul of the world. No really I am just trying to get my "art and design" and obtain some work and share my abilities with those who need it. If you would like to take a look please do here is the list of places I have my hands in, please stop in and say hello...

So if you need anything that I can offer, please let me know...I will be sitting waiting.

Have A Great Day!

Top Ten Countdown Music Blogfest - Monday 24th

Alex @ "" has invited a group of us to be involved Counting down our top tunes of all time! Music moves us. It inspires us! Now, tell the world YOUR ten favorite songs of all time. The Song, the band – why does it move you?

Here are my contributions:

Pete Townshend - Misunderstood
This song always represented who I was and I felt going to be.

Peter Gabriel - Here Comes The Flood
Always felt this song represented the environment and if we didn't change... it would change us. Plus it's a very sad sounding song.

U2 - One Tree Hill
just a beautiful song, which is strong in meaning... like a lightening storm.

Alice Cooper - Wind-Up Toy
I hear voices and I find the chatter darkening, feeling like a wind-up toy.

Bob Seger - Beautiful Loser
My life... i am always that guy, helps someone out and ends up with the flat tire after everyone is gone.

Cat Stevens - If You Want to Sing Out Sing Out
Just wanting to be heard, so I sing out, sing out loud.

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again
Youth, hot cars, hotter girls... nothing I ever had... except the big hair.

Webb Wilder - Big Time
Dreams can be at your feet, ya' just gotta believe... and remember you are never to small.

Tori Amos - Precious Things
I heard this song and knew it was going to be a strength in all who needed it... man, woman, child.

The Police - Man in a Suitcase
First marriage ended soon after I moved into my home, it will never be my house.

Pearl Jam - Jeremy
Everyone thought since I was named Jeremy, I was a little sick in the head... sometimes I am.

Thanks for letting me be part of this, brought some good memories...

iZombie Wins...HAUNTCAST

Okay, I found out this morning I won a year subscription to the Podcast "HAUNTCAST", from my new friend Rich @ "Devil's Eye" who was ran the contest. Oh Yeah! I have spent that last hour checking it all out, listening to Hauntcast 25... you all should go there... I am entertained and look forward to more.

Lots of stuff for those who like to be scared or want to scare, so I wanted to thank Rich and the crew at ""...

Jeremy [iZombie]

This Week, I at least know it is Thursday...

Phone Image, hope to see the final project soon...
Going into a longer weekend I hope last week was the zero below pretty girl shoot at the same place I just happened to sprain my ankle the week before that. Though the girls looked more like pink wookies in spandex, that it once was post-apocalyptic shoot got moved to a warmer date.  They were troopers, I was so cold I could only imagine what these girls must have felt.  I guess it will depend if they are willing to return when we ask them again, brrrrrrr.

So have a great weekend and remember to join the "Top Ten Horror/Science Fiction Movie Quote" let your favorites be heard and shared amongst your friends.  It is my first ever blog-fest and with the help of Ellie @ "" and her super skills it will be a success.  What will everyone be doing this weekend, I am going to Wisconsin to help move my uncle... though they don't want me being a big baby cause of my ankle.  So I might not be going...

Take Care, All!

Hop, Hop, Hop...

Cemetery Hopping...
Last Easter went to the local place where Al Capone is buried, yet I still have not found him... like you all we love headstones, angels, history. I wanted to share some of that history, in my way.

Life Without Love...

Yummy, Yummy I've Got "Love" In My Tummy...

Love was a hippie hitch-hiking across country, little did she know that she stopped in the wrong time and the wrong place. bet you thought I was going to put up video didn't you?

Super-Brain... Super Hungry!

Zombies found out the Chuck has a super computer in his head, now Chuck is in trouble... is there no one who can save him? Have you not watched NBC's "Chuck" on Monday Nights going on it's forth season, if not you got some explaining to do. Spies-Fan Boys-Sarah-Techno and Jeffster!

my "i am a pig" moment, i love yvonne strahovski!

I too am in SEXICOLOR...

Well I just am, and this poster says that I am, so who is out there to argue with the written truth? Wait I was not in this movie, I am ashamed and disgusted by the last statement so I leave you with this:

Rated PG 13-ish, just ask the wolfman!

What Do You Mean... Wrong Number!

For Geof [he did not care for this film "fireball"] @ Enter The Man-Cave
Who still uses a pay phone, are there still pay phones out there... and where did the pay phones go, can I buy a pay phone somewhere? Like the Brady Bunch used to have in their home, I would like to have a pay phone.

Hello, Hell Street Journal...

I wanted to welcome "The Hell Street Journal" to the blog world, the site is shaping up to be a huge horror hit of honorific proportions... I discovered this on the "Horror Blogger Alliance" and have been checking back daily with the posts being made. So I want you all you go take a look, and find some very helpful posts on all things horror... Tell them iZombie sent you and have a Hellish time...


Not the Littlest Hobo...

Got my funniest comment/spam ever... poor man in africa needs me to post his comment help spread his word and make some money so he can eat.  i was going to help him out, but then i thought about it, he is using a computer and clearly has internet service to make this request. second how is making my junk bigger or last longer going to make him money? so poor man from africa, good luck... now if you want to send me a "get rich scheme" or "prescriptions by email" i am so in... kidding!

Just Saying... Some has to get that key...

I locked myself out of my house, then by mistake hit the auto lock... while starting my truck and with no shoes or jacket I found myself in a little bit of winter...

Hello, Wake Up is there someone there...


Who's a good Jack-ass...

Playin' in front of the Green Screen...

...I am good jack-ass, yesterday I thought it was Friday and I made my post as I do for Friday... it was only Thursday. So welcome the actual Friday, and everyone have a nice weekend make the best of it. My zombie got a hold of my brain and started nibbling at the edges, and he ate enough for me to pass out.

I am not sure you know this, but I run/maintain multiple blog/sites and I wanted to share the interesting thing about one of them. It's called "Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers" it is sort of a movie review site with film images, reviews, desktops, etc.  I get 600 to 700 hits a day, I don't do that much on the site not like here on the "iZombie Lover", where I get my most response. According to "Blog Stats" it is random stuff that people are looking at, so I wonder if you would just take a look. You do not have to follow me, that is not what I am trying to do, I just wonder is so intriguing to those who do go there. Now of course you are welcome to do so if you enjoy the content, then by all means follow. As I had mentioned I do many different styled blogs, and while without a job have time to keep up with... if you want to take a look at them please go to my main page "" please do.

So thanks and have a wonderful weekend!
Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. iZombie For Hire - photo retouch, photo restoration, blog builder, ebook cover design, blog headers, web banners, t-shirt, zombie maker, retro-digital painter, etc.

When I Am Dining Out...

I like to eat at my favorite seafood getaway, even when it's closed...
mmmm melted butter!

Everyone have a great weekend, I am going on that outdoor shoot where if you remember I whined about spraining my ankle.  Last week was just scouting the location, this week the models, make-up and mayhem. Stuff like this can get canceled at the last minute, which means for me... more movies and a trip to my mother's house.  Say hello to my mother, she is a real nice lady... if you ask, she might bake you some cookies!

See you all on Monday!

Know When To Walk Away...

Know when to fold them...

Sizzle, Sizzle...

Hello World, I am here... Tweet Me, Right!

Okay, just a quick post... I am now on the "Twitter" [Link to the Right], so if you know how to use is please add me I am going to try to post there daily... try.

More virtual trading cards up on my art site "Olive Zombies", so go pick one up today...

Just Having One Of Those Days...

Thinking About the Great "Cab" Ride... Thanks Cab...

Just Saying...Cupcakes!

In a world filled with pain and destruction, what do you want out of this world... I want creme filled!

Just Saying, Lady Sings...

Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga... Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga... Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga... Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga... Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga, Ga Ga...

She is So Talented!

Just Having One Of Those Days

It's Not Queen, It's Rap Sampling...

Hey Look Kids... Free Stuff!

Yes, you heard it right, "Free Stuff"... well not a lot of free stuff, but stuff and it's free. I am trying to get more of you over to my new store, without having to sell my soul... yet.

OOOhhh look at the pretty colors I am calling them "Virtual Trading Cards" and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to go visit the site "Olive Zombies" and say hello, follow me, helpful advice?  Also take this "VTC" and post them on your site, let people know where you got them. I am asking for you to ping pong them around the internet, help the Lab proudly. If you like them, I will make more.

I forgot to turn on the comments at "Olive Zombies", so I am not so sure what you all think, I would really like your help and do appreciate all of what you do...


Planet Of The Apes vs. 12 Monkeys

Okay I had watched all the films "Planet Of The Apes" I began to think of the movie "12 Monkeys" and found many things very much the same.  I think my favorite one is "Escape From Planet Of The Apes", because it is happy and pleasant until us stupid humans decide we know what is best for us. It had been a while since I had seen the films all together, so I had a different vision than I once had.


-Spaceship lands and enters the unknown world of the Planet Of The Apes
We find out it is not an unknown planet, and we did this too ourselves.

-Spaceship lands again, we find out quickly we are not alone on the Planet Of The Apes
One bomb, one messed up race... total destruction.

-Spaceship lands instead of the future, it the past... what we don't understand "Kill It"
chase it down and destroy the future by doing the wrong thing.

-Hail Caesar... Oops... cats and dogs are dead, pets is going to primates!
then slaves, then war. 

-Role Reverse, who are the bitches now?

This where the ideas of "12 Monkeys" comes into play we just keep destroying ourselves, just one giant circle of life/death. They are a great set of films to watch, when you are laid up and resting as I happened to be.  There is talk of yet another version/remake of this film, didn't Tim Burton prove that this was not such a great idea?

Now one last thing, the movies and the failed television series are well written enough that if you were to watch all of these pieces you can see that someone was doing their homework "Cornelius to Caesar to Cornelius to Galen to Cornelius" something like that.. Today is going to be "The Matrix"...

Just Saying, Knuckle Ball...

Off the Grid...

On Sunday I fell into a hole and twisted, sprained, mangled my right ankle... while I was enjoying this cool iron work ruins near my home.  I didn't not get to see much of this cool place for obvious reasons, my friends and I walked for a few feet more before we needed to turn around. I don't believe it is broken, though it swelled up as soon as I took my boot off. So good times, I told my great friend Sharon this stuff happens for reasons not yet revealed. I am going to have a Planet of the Apes Marathon today, and hopes to be back on Tuesday, sorry for the lame post.  The photo is from inside a tunnel I had taken, the hole I fell in was squirrel sized and yes I feel stupid.


Just Saying... Trigger!

Click, Click... I told you it was empty.
It's been a crazy week, and I wanted to thank Sharon @ "Ghost Hunting Theories" for all the advice and support for the last several weeks, helping the start of the new year great. I can now sign into my email and see the emails, I just cannot read them.  So I ask myself is the bill paid, well Jack the check is in the [e]mail. I am also going to change the background to this site, cause the images have to re-sized every-time... I made them smaller with the hopes it would make the process go faster.  The images are all too small and the way I have it set up is an old version, great news so look for the change up or out.

I hope everyone is having a great week and the weekend is better, I plan on seeing "Season of the Witch" before the critics rip it apart.

Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. iZombie's Art Store "Olive Zombies"... there is some free stuff and it will help me out...

Just Saying... Bobbie Was the Only One...

Okay I went to this party and this person was winning all the apples in this barrel surrounded by dirty water, but no one else was playing.

Stupid Me...

My email host service is experiencing technical difficulties, so if you are trying to reach me... I am sitting laughing my head off... cause there is nothing I can do.

Going for disturbing, are you feeling disturbed?

Vigoda Quota ...

...By Request
Poor Abe, the only man who claims he has been a zombie for decades... no one ever listened.

iZombie Gets to Make You Scream!

That is correct my lovely friend jenny over at "Memoirs Of A Scream Queen" gave me a sweet award and wanted to thank her for the great award. If you have not been to her site you must go, she features solid reviews and great points of horror references.

Now the good news is I get to give out this award to 10 of my favorite blogs, which is difficult cause you all rock.  So I am going to pick the ones I find myself walking around in the last several months...

Too Many Zombies
Frog on the Pumpkin

Honorable Mentions:
The Kid in the Hall