When I Am Dining Out...

I like to eat at my favorite seafood getaway, even when it's closed...
mmmm melted butter!

Everyone have a great weekend, I am going on that outdoor shoot where if you remember I whined about spraining my ankle.  Last week was just scouting the location, this week the models, make-up and mayhem. Stuff like this can get canceled at the last minute, which means for me... more movies and a trip to my mother's house.  Say hello to my mother, she is a real nice lady... if you ask, she might bake you some cookies!

See you all on Monday!


  1. Mmmm cookies. I make the world's best dirty chocolate chip cookies. Why are they dirty? I shave chocolate into the batter. Have a good one, careful where you step!

  2. Ooooh! I want some cookies please! :D Have a great weekend!

  3. cookies, i am sending you to lovely ladies a batch of virtual cookies...

    and sharon, please send me that recipe for the dirty chips!

  4. Yummm. I want cookies too. Thanks for visiting my blog & zombie day?! I'm apparently not knowledgeable with the zombie info. I didn't think there was an official day dedicated to zombies. I'll have to watch some Resident Evil & other flicks today.


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