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It's Coming...

Depending you on where you might be in the world, the united states has been and still being hit hard by the hell called snow. I have taken it upon myself  to come to all of your houses and shovel your walks and driveways, now there will be a nominal fee of course. Cause you don't want to make stay outside of your house, I will make some snow angels... bloody snow angels with your pets. Now those who will see the snow, please be careful... and I have shovel in hand!


  1. No snow but LOTS of rain, south side of said storm. Bloody snow angels :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. You'll get the storm before I will. That'll give you time to come here and shovel post storm. I'll even give you a bib. you know, to keep the all the blood all classy like.

  3. I wish I had snow....he could so shovel my walkway! That is awesome!



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