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ANYONE ELSE seeing a problem, all my blogs that have "question polls" and anywhere I have added myself as a follower gives me a generic icon and it's not even my name. Did I miss a maintenance call upgrades to the blogger world... or am I just nuts.

For Example: the question pull in the upper right corner on Tuesday had almost 22 to 25 responses, now it is half of that...

Please Help, I want to make sure people's vote gets counted!


  1. Several others have commented about this problem, so you're not alone. Blogger bug. Sorry I can't help!

  2. i am not crazy, i am not crazy... i am crazy... i am not crazy...

    and most definite on movie to watch, such a fun ride..

  3. Speaking of your polls.... Zelda Rubinstein died last year? Where the hell was I?

  4. The poll thing's been happening for awhile, I don't know what the fuck's going on.

  5. Sam Jackson's speech was epic in that movie.

  6. Wish I could help but I don't know anything about this bug. Did you try going into your Google account and fooling about with settings? Don't know if that would work.

    Hope you're doing okay in the snowstorm. How much did ya get?

  7. Came by to see how you were doing on getting your blogger problems fixed.

  8. problem seems to fix it's self... for now... all the polls are up to date again...
    thank you all for the help and concern


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