Despite All My Rage....

 iZombie Lover
Looking down at the calender I have come to realize I am at my "One Year Anniversary", I cannot not believe I have made it this long and the pleasure of meeting you all. Or the fact that I was able to post so many things in one year, and now on to the next year. What should I do, who am I, how will this grow, what should I wear?

So I am working on a computer that has tape and paperclips holding it together, and for now it seems to be holding together. I will be posting more personal things and hopes that you can see more design that come from my head. I appreciate everyone of you and your comments, it is a self-motivator to keep returning everyday and to all those I have been able to personally help.. All the best!

Thanks for a great year, great success to all of you!


  1. That's awesome Jeremy - one year! Wishing you many more, dude.

  2. Yahoo--one year!!! Keep it up, buddy. You are a bit of sunshine and talent in the blog world that was much needed here!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Gosh. Doesn't time go so fast. We're already at the end of January.

    Are you super-excited about the 6th? I can't wait!

  4. Nice dude, only the first of many! Congrats on the one year, and I will see you back here at 2 and 20!


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