What Do You Mean... Wrong Number!

For Geof [he did not care for this film "fireball"] @ Enter The Man-Cave
Who still uses a pay phone, are there still pay phones out there... and where did the pay phones go, can I buy a pay phone somewhere? Like the Brady Bunch used to have in their home, I would like to have a pay phone.


  1. I'm one of those last hold outs that refuses to buy a cell phone and be at everyone's beck and call 24/7. I know I'll cave in some day, but it galls me to pay for a service I would use probably once a month. For that price, I could hire a gigolo and be happier with the service.

  2. i am looking into getting one... i am talking with this guy, just this guy... might have one.

    sharon, arrggghhhh! you can have both, it's okay. cut your service down... arrrrrgggghhhh!


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