This Week, I at least know it is Thursday...

Phone Image, hope to see the final project soon...
Going into a longer weekend I hope last week was the zero below pretty girl shoot at the same place I just happened to sprain my ankle the week before that. Though the girls looked more like pink wookies in spandex, that it once was post-apocalyptic shoot got moved to a warmer date.  They were troopers, I was so cold I could only imagine what these girls must have felt.  I guess it will depend if they are willing to return when we ask them again, brrrrrrr.

So have a great weekend and remember to join the "Top Ten Horror/Science Fiction Movie Quote" let your favorites be heard and shared amongst your friends.  It is my first ever blog-fest and with the help of Ellie @ "" and her super skills it will be a success.  What will everyone be doing this weekend, I am going to Wisconsin to help move my uncle... though they don't want me being a big baby cause of my ankle.  So I might not be going...

Take Care, All!


  1. That location is wicked awesome! Worst modeling job ever? Having to do a dance show in ski clothing including snow boots and parkas! Seriously! I quit after a couple shows. No way!

  2. yeah, imagine the photos you will not see, me in the pink parka and pink boots...


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