Just Plugging My Stuff...

Sorry, everyone I am plugging my stuff again and some other cool things that I have found... all because I have to get some stuff out to the world if it be some art or I design something for you.  Heck I just offered to shovel your driveways in case of snow we all are apparently going to get hit by.

And of course I am working against the clock as the computer is internally messed up.  It needs new mother-board, and upgrades... Can't you help a Zombie out?
Something many of you writers need, you got the write skills and maybe not the art...
Blogs Too! Very Affordable & Reasonably Priced.
eBook Art & Designs -

Retro-Art and things I find interesting...things I see in my head.
Custom Art Is Just One Thought Away.

My reviews of many things movies, music, books... something you would like to plug?
100 To 200 Hits Daily.
Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers -

There is some frightening things going on and apparently it's scary, join today!
Shhh, It's A Secret Club!
Or the good old fashion Donation where I can turn you into
a iZombie or even the Retro-Art for $7.50?
Thanks for taking a look, I am happy if you would stop by and say hello... leave me your thoughts.


  1. Could you shovel my driveway? It has three inches of snow on it and it's starting to drift against my garage.

  2. Hey Jeremy, being unemployed I cannot afford much to help you out but I'm interested in the $7.50 retro-art. Sorry being a zombie is not my thing. I can also put a plug for you in my side bar if you want. Wish you could teach me photoshop been trying to learn that on my own. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow


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