Forced To Text...

Yes, I love sharing my thoughts in words as many of you know I am a great man of words, but my computer is so down and I am force to go with text.  No art, no design... please come back in a week and I should be back, the snow storm hitting Earth is no longer a myth. My new computer is on it's way and the snow storm keeps it away, but on a lighter note I got a shout out a web/blog that is very interesting. Please go check out this site and tell them iZombie sent you.

AlexShares -

You all know I love a good place to visit.

Take Care, and if you are hit with the snow... be careful!


[Retro] Love the Comments, not so much the Spam... so I have enough man-pills, fake gold watches and link-back options that I need. Thank you!

No More Anonymous Monkeys to much of the above mentioned, sorry sometimes I get some nice things.