Happy Birthday "Newt"... Mostly...

   Not Really, I just thought if  "Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden" were real she should have a birthday now this is based on she lived in "Aliens III".  She would have been in her "character 70's", so lets wish her a solid "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and many more... Real reason is the actress "Carrie Henn" was born in 1976 and I was just thinking those actors you remember from such great films and how old they are today. 

   Another example "Wan 'Short Round' Li" [Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom] "Jonathan Ke Quan" was born in 1971. So he is 40 years old in August, okay now who is feeling old today and no it's not my birthday. So these actors have moved on to do better things in their personal careers or life I am sure, but will be forever remembered as these pivotal characters in films we love.


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