Name My Computer Contest! [Update!]

So I have had a few thoughts on what to be the new nightmare computer, I thought I would post them so far... So my idea is to pick one from everyone in a few days and let you decide, now there is still time to come up with something... remember there are great prizes at the end of the iZombie (D)rainbow. Who knows you might be the winner, only the shadow knows...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said... Alien Spy, The Matrix, Uranus

Wendy Tyler Ryan said... Falcon aka The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

Steven Chapman said... Captain Wiggles

Antman said... Steve Urkel, Snarf - Thundercats, Mr. Winkle

Creepy Glowbugg said... Beelzebub 666

Jules said... Cyborg Mutant

Ronald said... P.C. Lovecraft... "I.C. The Undead", "P.C. The Undead", "Putrid Puter", "Mr. Hot Link", "Mr. Hot Linky,  "Zesty Zombie", "Rob A.I. Zombie"

Simon said... Nikola Tesla, King Stardust the Ziggy, He Who Shalt Not Be Named, Bicthwhore [for down the road]

The Words Crafter said...BARBARA!

Kimberly said... Icky or Mr. Icky

Chris Phillips said... Sputnik

HollyHorrorshow said... Jerry Z. Mann?

Ellie said... Helward, iCompu, iShatman, Manshat, Makeitso

iZombie said... Little Beastie


  1. I suggest "Work, you piece of shit!" or "Only pussy computers get viruses"... Since that's what you'll be screaming at it within 2 years.

  2. PC Lovecraft is good!
    And I should've thought of Event Horizon, after the movie.

  3. Mr. Yum Yum's Magic Box

    Mystery Machine

  4. i totally missed jeremy jr. and or mr. yum yum's magic box.... i am so laughing....


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