Something Like 20 Below Zero...

Sitting working on nothing, call me "King Nothing" and listening to the sound selections of the James Bond Score/Soundtracks. I remember the great epic/action that John Barry gave to us, and if you did not know John Barry died at the start of this week. He will be missed in the human form, but we have decades of music and can share his legacy in the spiritual realm for many years to come.

I am thinking of the things I need to get done and projects that need my attention, alas the computer is not here yet and no confirmation of when it might be. Now I realize the weather is still really bad and we all need to be understanding, which I am... just waiting. So I am looking for some art to share that I have all ready edited and ready to be shared, I am not finding much of anything. So here is a Retro-Art [last week] I honor John Barry's memory and the sweet thought of summer.

Long Live "John Barry" (1933–2011) Rest in Peace!


  1. I know it is cold when the birds are shivering. :) Nice art work though. I'll be in touch.
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. Good luck with your computer, buddy. I don't envy your weather at all. Burrrrrr.....

  3. The computer will get there eventually!
    Award for you today good sir.

  4. So sad about John Barry passing - a true genius of film music.

  5. rest in peace, mr barry!

    alex thank you!


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