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To the 10 List

After looking at all the entries i came to notice a pattern and that all great minds think alike... here is a rough, but similar list of movies we all feel were most quotable... and the single winner and most listed "Galaxy Quest".

sci fi/horror:
planet of the apes
star trek
star wars
galaxy quest
back to the future
shaun of the dead
the matrix
evil dead
the thing
night of the living dead


  1. It was a great blogfest! Galaxy Quest and Serenity were the two I saw the most.

  2. My son online actually goes by a screen name that comes from a line from Night of the Living Dead "Beatemorburnem" hee hee

  3. Serenity was a great movie. So were most of these.

  4. Way to data mine man! Guess you could make this a list of the top ten most quoted movies of all time.


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