Thank you all, Success... My Plans out the Window!

I have some catching up to do, I was at my mother's house being a great son on Sunday morning and before I knew I was hit with a snow blizzard that dropped another 3 to 4 inches to the ground. I got to stay there at my mother's house and was not moving until much later in the day, like 7pm.  She has no working computer and offered to feed me a good home cooked meal.

So sorry, I plan on visiting all of everyone's site and want to thank all who participated and stopped by and read my top ten list science fiction/ horror quotes. Especially wanted to thank Ellie for all her hard work and help on making this come to light, she is one of the best.

Thank you all!
Jeremy [iZombie]


  1. I feel ya. I lost my network this weekend and am playing catch up as well. I'll get to the top ten just be patient :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. It was an awesome fest, Jeremy! You and Ellie did a great job.

  3. I had fun reading all the comments and am paying catch up trying to visit ones I missed. I was not able to participate yesterday so I did one today. Great fun and thanks!


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