Computer is Here... Now the fun begins.

   So I have hired Sky Captain to help me build my new box and next week I am going to have you all help me name it... yes a contest of sorts. I always name name my computers and all my friends laugh because I name them something silly as you can imagine I do things not so normal.  
   we will worry about that next week, this week is over and I went to the snowstorm bar and drank up a storm. The great computer providers got me the new box in just a few days, bravo to them. I have most of the things installed, but do not have access to my files, photo or art... except what I kept on a thumb drive.  Now that is another story, all you need to know is you are all a great bunch of souls.


  1. Wow, that is amazing. I always thought I was the only one who named their electronics ridiculous things. My USB drives name is SirSpelunk, my XBox is name Saucey, my iPod is named Mopey Junior, and my Mac is named Mother Lovin'.

    I'm a shoe-in for this contest, just sayin'.

  2. Also you should check out DropBox if you haven't already. I keep my art files stored on there so I can access it anywhere in case of hard drive or computer failure.

  3. I name my computers, too. Have not named my new one. Just a few weeks old. I'm liking Sky Captain.

  4. I'm happy you have your computer. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to the fave quotes blog hop.

  5. ant, i will look into a online place you recommend.. my problem is i am a nervous freak to my stuff being somewhere else. and heck yes about naming stuff, i am best for naming my main drive "hello" out of respect to scotty in star trek 4... geeks will get it.

    quotes, yikes... i forgot about the quotes...

  6. Woo hoo, about time you got a new one dude, cant wait to see what this one brings in terms of awesome, hope you got some new toys to add to it too!


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