Name My Computer Contest!

Okay, I know enough about my computer...

I like to name my stuff, it makes it easier to talk to friends when they know I am talking about it. Since my family and some of my friends don't know what I actually do.  So the last computer was called "Jupiter II" it was a mess on the inside, but got me where I need to go.

Name it that is it, I will put up the best choices you guys come up with including mine "Little Beastie" and the winner get's gratitude, one z-dazzle iZombie, one retro-art and I will make a week devoted to your web/blog, book, art store, music.... heck I will even post your Ebay listing... for a week.



  1. Alien Spy
    The Matrix

    Sorry, just had to throw in that last one!

  2. My choice would be "Falcon" in homage to, what else, The Millenium Falcon from Star Wars. Han could always make her fly no matter what.

  3. How about Steve Urkel?

    I got a couple more:
    Snarf - that cat thing from Thundercats

    Mr. Winkle - for no particular reason, it just sounds funny.

  4. How about,"Beelzebub 666", but call him "Bub" for short? You do know that the devil resides in that little magic box dontcha?

  5. Cyborg mutant :) I named mine "Big Bertha" basically because it has a big butt and moves real slow :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. How about, "H. P. Lovecraft"? (if your PC is an HP)...just a thought.

    Or "P.C. Lovecraft" (for personal computer)

    Or use whatever the name of your new PC is at the beginning and then add Lovecraft afterwards?

    Here's some more:
    "I.C. The Undead"
    "P.C. The Undead"
    "Putrid Puter"
    "Mr. Hot Link"
    "Mr. Hot Linky"
    "Zesty Zombie"
    "Rob AI Zombie"
    (A.I. for Artificial Intelligence)

    Ronald Oliver

  7. Nikola Tesla
    King Stardust the Ziggy
    He Who Shalt Not Be Named
    Bicthwhore (so you have a valid excuse to scream so when it breaks down).

  8. I have something for you on my blog today!

  9. How about Icky or Mr. Icky. It was the first thing that came to mind based on your zombie theme. :)

  10. sputnik is always a great name for any machine.

  11. How about Jerry Z. Mann? A combination of your identities.
    You could call it J.Z. or Z. Mann for short. :)

  12. Hey! Plugged your white rabbit button this weekend.

  13. LOL. There are some awesome suggestions. Here are mine:


    Okay...I'm reaching now...emm...Makeitso. Lame, I know!


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