Halloween Countdown [2011]

Looking for action, sex, violence or me?
I will be roving around the blogger globe, trying to spread the
holiday cheer and scares.
Does anyone see the zombie in the above photo, kind
of a where is Waldo thingy!

-Jeremy [iZombie]

March - March - March!

March - march - march!
Making sounds as they tread,
Ho-ho ! how they step,
Going down to the dead!
Every stride, every tramp,
Every footfall is nearer;
And dimmer each lamp.
As darkness grows drearer:
But ho ! how they march.
Making sounds as they tread
Ho-ho ! how they step,
Going down to the dead

March - march - march!
Making sounds as they tread,
Ho-ho, how they laugh.
Going down to the dead

How they whirl—how they trip,
How they smile, how they dally,
How blithesome they skip,
Going down to the valley;
Oh ho, how they march.
Making sounds as they tread ;
Ho-ho, how they skip/
Going down to the dead

March - march - march!
Earth groans as they tread!
Each carries a skull;
Going down to the dead!
Every stride - every stamp.
Every footfall is bolder;
'Tis a skeleton's tramp,
With a skull on his shoulder;
But ho, how he steps
With a high tossing head,
That clay-covered bone,
Going down to the dead!

Halloween Hop!

Fellow Jeremy [name only] is hosting a "Halloween Hop!", so lets go to a hop... and I just need to tell you what a few favorite things of Halloween might be and what I might be wearing this year in costume.

So for those who are stopping by the blog for the first time, in part of the Hop let me say welcome... welcome. This place can be taking in two ways, one "wholly crap" this guy is nuts or "wow" a year round Halloween of things and this guy is nuts.

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Favorite Horror Movie: Clive Barker's Nightbreed

Favorite Horror Book: Stephen King's Pet Semetary

Costume 2011: Unemployed Zombie Wearing A Cowboy Hat

Sneek Peek: The Walking Dead Season Two - Desktops... And Something From The Ladies!

Smile, they will think you are safe...
Yes, I made this and more in the Lab... They are at "TWO THUMBS" (recently changed the name), so all of you Walking Dead fans stroll over there. It's funny I got an email from a random fan/friend of my couple site and they had informed me why I don't get a lot of attention [followers, comments] at my "TWO THUMBS" site. That people steal my art and my photos that I should post, I replied I make the art that purpose... not to steal, but to take, enjoy or to share with their followers/friends. Just make sure to credit me back, I mean there is a madness to my madness... to get my name out there. I able to let people know that I am out here ready to create your design needs, for a very reasonable price. It's like anything I do here at "IZOMBIE" same thing, if you would like to use something... please do in most cases I have a larger sized version available.

Shout out to the LADIES... and some of the cool things going on at their sites, this in no way is all my lady friends just a few to get you started.

Tell them iZombie said HELL-O!

Holly's Horrorland - Blog Birthday Bash & More!

Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse - Zombie Ladies, Zombies!

Fascination With Fear - Stellar Posts Normally - Extensive Halloween Coverage!

It's On Random - Go There Now!

Memoirs Of A Scream Queen - Posts With The Most!

Rasputin and his Happy Friday!

Good Tidings, My Little Doves!
Woe... another week has gone by and things for me and my family have been very hectic, more like a whirlwind. I feel I have been neglecting all my great friends from sci-fi, ghost and the facts that zombies are everywhere. So good friends make the best of the soon to be "Halloween Parties" be responsible and enjoy the scary stuff.

Sneek Peek: The Walking Dead Season Two - Desktops

Yes, I made this and more in the Lab... They are at "TWO THUMBS" (recently changed the name), so all of you Walking Dead fans stroll over there.

What do these Movies have in common and can you add to the list?


Cheap Horror Desktops 4U!

WANTED: Jack Skellington

Zero Loves Him
Be on the look out for the thieve known as the "Pumpkin King", he stole Christmas Day from the children and replaced it with a Nightmare. Not much else is known of this character other than some alias as; Jack Skellington and his lady friend to be his "voice of reason" Sally The Rag Doll. Known accomplices are Lock, Shock, and Barrel and Oogie Boogie... though rarely seen together Dr. Finklestein.  Get your WANTED poster up today in your town, protect yourself... who knows what other mischief he can cause.

Yes I original made this to sell to those who love "A Nightmare Before Christmas" as I do and as I was looking for something to post I came across this art. I thought it would make for a nice framed 16x20 or even in a canvas, though it's so hard to sell stuff... it fell into the computer abyss.  If you are interested in such a WANTED poster for art and your protection... please contact me it would be extremely limited.
Jeremy [iZombie]

Buzz Lightyear!

This is Buzz, he is my zombie friend who stopped by to say hello, he gets around in a flash... Yeah if you were hoping to see that other guy, well he stepped out.


In this game the seeker for a prize is guided
from place to place by doggerel's as the following,
and is started on his hunt with this rhyme:

Perhaps you'll find it in the air;
If not, look underneath your chair."
Beneath his chair he finds the following:

No, you will not find it here;
Search the clock and have no fear."
Under the clock he finds:
"You will have to try once more;
Look behind the parlor door."
Tied to the door-knob he discovers:

If it's not out in the stable
Seek beneath the kitchen table."
Under the kitchen table he finds another
note, which reads:

If your quest remains uncertain,
You will find it 'neath a curtain."
And here his quest is rewarded
by finding the prize.

Okay, Doll Face!

I got nothing...
Here is a silent film called "Doll-Face" and that is it... I am kidding about the title, just some random photo I had that I wanted to share. It is from a silent film, that much I know. Just Stare at it, it will begin to creep you out, maybe you know what it's from.

Happy Monday!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

The Power of Christ compels You!

Say What... That Little Girl Is Just Plain Crazy!

Why won't someone actually help her, I am so tired of this Ping Pong Game of her life being part of the everyday news. She is a few steps from dancing with the devil... not the stars.
-Jeremy [iZombie]


Spooking Sheldon Cooper!

So I had to put something up with a picture, I am working on a dinosaur computer right now... it runs like four year old oil in a twenty year old car. Can anyone tell me what is creeping Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory out, I think I missed this episode? Having computer withdrawals...

Happy Friday!
Jeremy [iZombie]


Why is it that when someone says "Biopsy" or "Trake"... it never follows with good news, sorry I am dealing with some family issues. A good man needs lots of prayers and it starts with me... so I will return soon.
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Update [10-21-11]: Still waiting for results, though he has been moved from ICU to a step down unit. Will be back home on Saturday, I want to thank everyone for their kind words... I have passed those thoughts on.

Them Bones...

Boo, I am Scaring You!

Dancing With The Scars....

How Come I Didn't Make The Cut?
I just wanted Monday to be a little weird, was the mission accomplished or impossible? Yeah inspired by the Dancing With The Stars, that I never watch... ever I am to busy watching manly shows like X-Factor or The New Adventures of the Flying Nun.

Walking Dead Season II - STARTS TONIGHT!

We The Walking Dead...
Are Waiting For the Green Light!

Pay It Forward! ... I Give You Zombies!

Matthew of QQQE and ALEX J. are proud to present the Pay it Forward Blogfest!

We highlight three [3] of our sites that I love and thought you all should know... I want you all to go zombie, since we are so close to Halloween. Some you may know all ready and well here you go!

Happy Friday!
Jeremy [iZombie]

 Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse
Fresh onto the blog scene, but will make a huge impact.

Zombies Everywhere
This site, is everything my site used to be, they are more focused.

It's On
Special place in my heart, many great things to discover. 

and Honorable Mention...

Some great reviews and just a cool site.

Zombies, What Are We Really?

The word zombie refers to the ‘living dead’. In folklore zombies are portrayed as innocent victims who are raised in a comatose trance from their graves by malevolent sorcerers, and led to distant farms or villages where they toil indefinitely as slaves. Zombies are recognized by their docile nature, by their glassy empty eyes, and by the evident absence of will, memory, and emotion. Part of their souls may also be captured by the sorcerers. Zombies can only return to the world of the living upon the death of their masters. Accounts are sometimes cited of actual people who have undergone this ordeal, were declared dead, and later turned up at the homes of their kin in various degrees of health.

Sources indicate that the word is of African origin. The cadaver or spirit of a deceased person is called zumbi in the Bonda language, ndzumbi in Gabon, and nzambi in Kongo. However, the conviction that zombies exist is more widespread. It is encountered not only in sub-Saharan Africa, but also in the Caribbean and in Latin America.

A controversial theory by Wade Davis suggests that there may well be an ethnobiological basis for popular reports of the zombie phenomenon in Haiti. He refers to a case of zombification which had been verified by a team of physicians. In 1962 Clairvus Narcisse was pronounced dead at a hospital, and buried 8 hours later. In 1980 Clairvus reappeared, claiming that he had been made a zombie by his brother because of a land dispute. Davis argues that Clairvus was mistakenly diagnosed as dead, buried alive, and taken from the grave. Among the various preparations of Haitian sorcerers, Davis identified a marine fish containing tetrodotoxin, an extremely potent neurotoxin which induces a complete state of peripheral paralysis and imperceptibly low metabolic levels. He postulates that the Haitian belief in zombies could be based on those rare instances where the individual receives the correct dosage of the poison, is misdiagnosed as dead, and is taken from the grave by a sorcerer. Moreover, Davis argues that zombification is a form of punishment imposed by Bizango secret societies to maintain order in local communities.

Other scholars of Haiti regard the belief in zombies as purely mythical. From a Marxist perspective zombification — the image of people who have lost their minds and souls and are left only with the ability to work — is explained as symbolic comment on the historical process of colonialism.

In many parts of Africa zombies are an integral aspect of witchcraft beliefs; particularly where witchcraft discourses address issues raised by inequalities of wealth and power. For example, among the Bakweri of Cameroon new forms of wealth signalled a transformation in occult forces. When land was alienated for plantations by German and British colonists, the Bakweri were confined to reservations, and the plantations attracted a workforce from elsewhere. In this context a concept of nyongo witchcraft emerged. The Bakweri suspected prosperous outsiders of forming witch associations, taking deceased kin from the graves, and of transporting them by lorries to mount Kupe where they used the zombie spirits to work on invisible plantations. Yet the nyongo men themselves were in danger. If they were no longer able to sell their intimates to fellow witches, their colleagues would kill them, and reduce them to slavery. Initially these ideas exaggerated ambivalence towards wealth and hindered the emergence of a new elite among the Bakweri. However, when the Bakweri themselves earned much money from the cultivation of bananas, in the 1950s, nyongo witches were soon flushed out and brought under control. Hence the ban on individual enrichment was broken.

Similarly, in Malawi, witchcraft discourses constitute an argument about the morality of accumulation. Accumulation is endowed with moral adequacy when entrepreneurs make their constitutive relations visible by supporting their kin financially; and by redistributing wealth through patronage, gift-giving, and feasting. It is perfectly legitimate when entrepreneurs, who are motivated by these concerns, use medicines to protect their businesses and to ensure a steady flow of many customers. By contrast, accumulation which is motivated by individualism and greed is morally despised. In this situation entrepreneurs are said to achieve prosperity at the cost of human lives. Zombies are believed to reside with them, to protect their money, and to affect the minds of customers so that they can come to the business in large numbers. Zombies thus serve exactly the same purposes as medicines, but are an index of morally disputable witchcraft.

In South Africa discourses of zombies capture the illicit desire to dominate and the fear of being dominated. At a symbolic level the image of witches who keep many zombies resonates with the status of white industrialists and farm owners who employ many black labourers. The employment of zombies as servants in a nocturnal ‘second world’ echoes the daunting experiences of migrant labourers who leave their rural households for alien industrial and mining centres. The tasks of zombies resemble those of domestic assistants and farm labourers. They clean the homes of witches, fetch water and firewood, herd cattle, plough, sow, harvest, and run errands. The unique features of zombies exaggerate some of the less apparent consequences of domination. Zombies are only a metre tall; are similar in appearance; are hypnotized so that they display unquestioning obedience; and their tongues are cut. These features allude to the diminutive, childlike status of African labourers; who are all treated alike by their bosses; and are unable to express themselves. Moreover, zombies are sexless, are devoid of human desires, and are fed a meagre diet of maize porridge — the staple diet of South African labourers. Narratives of zombies also reflect upon the dependence of the dominated. Should witches die, their zombies will wander about endlessly in search of porridge. Being undead, they cannot return to their kin. Persons who aspire to positions of influence; and strong-willed mothers-in-law who command great authority over the wives of their sons, are those most often accused of keeping zombies.
— I. Niehaus

Walking Dead Looks Like... Danzig


The Walking Dead - Rick Grimes

Before the zombie apocalypse Rick was a sheriff's deputy in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky, USA. He is shot by a criminal and subsequently awakens from a coma. After being mistaken for a zombie and hit over the head with a shovel by Duane Jones, Duane's father Morgan takes Rick in and explains the zombie apocalypse to him. In search of his wife, Lori, and son, Carl, Rick heads to Atlanta, Georgia, where it is said people were taken to for protection. Upon arrival Rick is nearly killed by a large group of zombies, being saved by a fellow survivor Glenn, who takes him to his camp where Rick reunites with his wife and son, as well as his former colleague Shane, who is depicted to have had a romantic relationship with Lori. Rick then leads a group of survivors, trying to find shelter and safe haven from the undead. After the camp is attacked by zombies Shane and Rick get into an argument. When Shane aims a gun at Rick, Carl Grimes shoots him through the neck.

Rick's group unsuccessfully tries to stay at a zombie infested neighborhood, which results in a death of one of their own. Eventually two other members of the survivors find a prison, where they seek refuge and decide to settle down. When searching for a nearby crashed helicopter Rick and several other survivors find the town of Woodbury, Georgia, where Rick's right hand is severed by the town's ruthless leader, The Governor. Woodbury attacks the survivor's prison with disastrous results and a large death toll, with those killed including Lori and her baby daughter Judith.

After the prison is made insecure by the attack, Rick and the surviving members leave with others to Washington, D.C. On the way to the capital, they find out that the man leading them, claiming to be in contact with D.C. scientists, is lying and find that the capital is as infested as the other major cities. They are eventually recruited to stay in a secluded and secure township on the outskirts of Washington D.C., called the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Each person tries to find a semblance of real life, but Rick doesn't trust the leader of the town, former US Congressman Douglas Monroe. He becomes the Constable, attempting to keep the peace in the town, but is eventually forced to kill a man who was abusing his wife and child.

Rick assumes leadership of Alexandria after Monroe grows reclusive over the death of his wife. The town is soon in danger, as a skirmish with a group of bandits attracts a nearby horde of zombies that quickly breach the town’s defensive walls. As the survivors fight for their lives, several people are killed and Rick’s son is grievously wounded by a gunshot to the head. Using the combined strength of all of those remaining in the community the survivors fend off the horde and Rick returns to Carl, whose condition is very dire. Following the attack, however, Rick concludes that the undead can be beaten if the survivors put their differences aside and work together. Rick mentions that this is the first time in a very long time that he has hope for the future.