WANTED: Jack Skellington

Zero Loves Him
Be on the look out for the thieve known as the "Pumpkin King", he stole Christmas Day from the children and replaced it with a Nightmare. Not much else is known of this character other than some alias as; Jack Skellington and his lady friend to be his "voice of reason" Sally The Rag Doll. Known accomplices are Lock, Shock, and Barrel and Oogie Boogie... though rarely seen together Dr. Finklestein.  Get your WANTED poster up today in your town, protect yourself... who knows what other mischief he can cause.

Yes I original made this to sell to those who love "A Nightmare Before Christmas" as I do and as I was looking for something to post I came across this art. I thought it would make for a nice framed 16x20 or even in a canvas, though it's so hard to sell stuff... it fell into the computer abyss.  If you are interested in such a WANTED poster for art and your protection... please contact me it would be extremely limited.
Jeremy [iZombie]

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