Working with Composers: Scott Glasgow, BC Smith and Stevan Mena


In this game the seeker for a prize is guided
from place to place by doggerel's as the following,
and is started on his hunt with this rhyme:

Perhaps you'll find it in the air;
If not, look underneath your chair."
Beneath his chair he finds the following:

No, you will not find it here;
Search the clock and have no fear."
Under the clock he finds:
"You will have to try once more;
Look behind the parlor door."
Tied to the door-knob he discovers:

If it's not out in the stable
Seek beneath the kitchen table."
Under the kitchen table he finds another
note, which reads:

If your quest remains uncertain,
You will find it 'neath a curtain."
And here his quest is rewarded
by finding the prize.


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