That is it... I am Done!

No More Posts...
Wait I am kidding, no more posts until Monday...
Eye have a special month planned, Eye wanted this photo stare at you the way it stared at me...

Oh, Lord....of the Rings

Chase....mmmmm, nice.

In the Universe...

Except ye become as little children, ye will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
- Matthew 18:3

Zombie Rabbit Award...

I am giving this award to [10] of my favorite blogs and places i believe need some well deserved attention. I thought it might be fun to shake it up a bit, sort of a "Pay It Forward" move... let me explain.

01) Give the award to [10] who you like, but give a couple the "Next Blog" slider button on top... so random blogger people can feel the love from a stranger.

02) Post those you gave the award to, so fans of your site can see the places you like and Paid It Forward too.
and more...

Now if you have got the "Rabbit" from someone or me, please just "Pay It Forward"

Want To Play?...

How To Enter:
- DONATE $5.50 Paypal [Contest Only] or $7.50 Receive Zombie Portrait [Better Value]
- Become A Follower [iZombie]
- Facebook Request [Harry Mann]
- Networked Blogs (Add Me) [Inside Facebook]
- Make A Comment On Favorite iZombie Posts [Here]
- Email Your Name and Address To:
- Become Follower of my other Blogs found at:

Open To: United States/Canada - Everywhere Else Please Contact [Not Sure on Shipping]

Contest Ends when I receive a 100 Followers [iZombie] and 100 Contest Entry's since it is $100.00+ of items... i am going to be adding more items as I go.

Do as many things above "To Enter" you can do, "Betters Your Chances".

Any Questions or Concerns... Please Ask!


I Want to Say A HUGE...

You are great friends Chris & Jeff!

I will send you a full size, soon... I owe you a "iZombie Art" of your choice.

thanks again!

Friday... is Great Day...

Everyone have a safe, and cool weekend... I am possibly getting onto the "Transformer 3" set this weekend, waiting for the call. Until then, please enjoy this little favorite [non-zombie] comic strip... that is sure to make you smile... as it had for me.

The Versatile Blogger [2010] Part I

iZombie gets it's first award "The Versatile Blogger [2010]" and the nod comes from a great blogger "Chuck Norris Ate My Baby"... it is a great feeling to be noticed. Many of us work hard to give you something to look at, read, remember how cool something was... if we do you will come back. Thanks for coming back, it makes it all worth it... it's fun to be odd!

I need to tell you 7 things about me and give this award back to 15 bloggers I enjoy, I can and I will... in the immortal words of The Joker... Here [dramatic pause] We... Go...

01. Once insulted Adam West during an interview.
02. Didn't believe in Santa Claus, though believed in the Easter Bunny.
03. Loves the movie "Grease" and still knows all the words.
04. Broke a toe [still broken 30 years later] kicking my brother before we went to a family function, I hobbled around and told everyone I was trying to be cool and that I wanted something I could make mine.
05. When I was 18 had a 3 day party [while parents were away] thing that was funny... I told everyone if you drink from my dad's stash replace it and my friends were good people. So someone would take 1 wine cooler, beer, etc and replace it with the remaining 3 or 6 pack, this went on for the entire time and by the time they got home... there was 5 times the amount. My father said I don't know what you did, but God Damn I am proud of you, mom wasn't so happy I had to replace 3 dozen eggs that somehow ended up on the driveway and the neighbor girl.
06. Is into "Film Score" music.
07. Had a over the top fan moment with Tom Savini, Spanky McFarland and Stan Lee.

The Versatile Blogger [2010] Part II

Please CUT/PASTE - Your Award, well deserved...

10 out of 15 - Blogs I have been Reading and Following:

Halloween Overkill -
Green Gates -
Dane of War -
Monster Beauty -
Adeles SpOOky Art -
The Kid in the Hall -
Too Many Zombies -
✖~Paraoid Show~✖ -

Things I Love About Summer...

Her Eyes... Her Face... Her!

It's Not Easy Being Green...

Stop Or I Will Shoot...

Hell Yeah!... MMMMMM, Nice...

Jail... My Head Hurts Just Thinking About It...

Vacation for the rich and famous, she will spend two weeks of the 90 days... due to overcrowding and good behavior. Put her in a homeless shelter cleaning bathrooms for those two weeks or checking a horse's behind for infection. Why bother wasting the time... maybe she will find God...
I Say "FAIL [Super-Sized]"

What you talkin 'bout...God?

Just watching "Different Strokes" and just cannot get enough on how funny Gary Coleman is and was... I wish he had a better life after the show, maybe now he can rest. And all the haters and bandwagon jumpers can jump...

Who Do I Have To Kill Around Here...

I am going to kill this puppy, I hate the summer... all the blogger babes are swimming in the pool, and I am stuck waiting for the towels to dry. I am on a rant. Welcome aboard all new "followers" only 25 more to a 100.

Zombie Quote, Nothing to do with them...

Yeah, I know I'm ugly... I said to a bartender, 'Make me a zombie.' He said 'God beat me to it.'
-Rodney Dangerfield

What The Hell, is that Cleaner?

A Little Shoe... Fetish?

Give Mel... A Break!

I know what you are thinking... a arm, a leg perhaps...
He still is Mad Max and he will run you down in the wasteland...
I think it is a one-sided ordeal, and we should stay out of his life.

How To Enter...???

I am adding more items, so look at the stuff all ready.

Contest - Some Of The Items...

- Cd's [Sealed]
-Helter Skelter - Mark Snow
-Friday the 13th Parts 7 & 8 - Fed Mollin
-Pan's Labyrinth - Javier Navarette
- "New" Christopher Walken [xL T-shirt]
- "New" Robots [xL T-shirt]
- "New" Movie Maniac Figure [Halloween - Michael Myers]
- Assorted DVD's
- Topp's Wacky Package [1980] / Weird Wheels [1980] (20 each)
- Collectibles
-Wolverine Statue
-Daredevil Statue
-Disney Coins [5 Set]
-Assorted Movie/Music Pins [Including "Rare" Ghostbusters / 3-D Card Deep Sea Blue]
-"New" The Dark Knight [Joker Playing Cards & Chips]
- PC Fun Shop - The Incredibles

Why So... Serious!

Nostalgic, Pulp, Creepy...So the Pictures say it all...

I am trying to raise some money to get a new computer and all the whistles that need to come with it, so i am posting art on here and a few of my other sites. This within the hopes you all like something and possibly want something. I can turn any art here into a photo, canvas, t-shirt...
you just need to ask.

"See it, Like It, Let Me Know"

I too can create it for you if you want something special and unique!
Any Questions... Please Ask!


As I Gear Up For The Contest...

Greetings Everyone!
I bring to you the first group of "Art Fore Sale" and these being the fun lighter stuff, than the creepy things in the past. I have printed several of these as canvas prints and have come to realize the cost and production is too much, but of course if you want canvas... I can give you canvas.

These are going to be Matte Printed 16x20's or the "Giraffe" would be a 16x24 in size the price for individuals are to follow:

Printed - 16x20's with shipping included $60.00 - per piece [USA]
On Canvas - 16x20's with shipping included $250.00 - per piece [USA]

if interested please email for details:

Thank You


Every Picture Tells A Story, these have many things too say... what does it say to you?