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The Versatile Blogger [2010] Part II

Please CUT/PASTE - Your Award, well deserved...

10 out of 15 - Blogs I have been Reading and Following:

Halloween Overkill - http://halloweenoverkill.blogspot.com/
Green Gates - http://greengatesinc.blogspot.com/
FIRE_BAD - http://derekring.blogspot.com/
Dane of War - http://www.daneofwar.com/
Monster Beauty - http://monster-beauty.blogspot.com/
POETIC ZOMBIE - http://poeticzombie.blogspot.com/
Adeles SpOOky Art - http://adelesspookyart.blogspot.com/
The Kid in the Hall - http://thekidinthehall.blogspot.com/
Too Many Zombies - http://toomanyzombies.blogspot.com/
✖~Paraoid Show~✖ - http://paranoidshow.blogspot.com/


[Retro] Love the Comments, not so much the Spam... so I have enough man-pills, fake gold watches and link-back options that I need. Thank you!

No More Anonymous Monkeys to much of the above mentioned, sorry sometimes I get some nice things.