I LOVES ME SOME ZOMBIE GIRLS... every day of the year...

I just ordered my "ZOMBIE GIRL PIN -UP 2012" Calendar from "Cheezy Flicks" not only do they have the greatest classic "B" movies around now this. I have been getting movies from these guys for some time, these films are not your Oscar winners... they are just winners!

-Jeremy [iZombie]

About Cheezy Flicks:

Cheezy Flicks was created expressly for the promotion of a specific genre of movies - "Cheezy Flicks". By that, we mean terrible B movies - classic, horror, sci-fi, sword and sandal, euro-trash, you name it. They just have to meet our "cheezy" standards; typically b movies involving things like horrible acting, an abysmal story line, and the worst set props possible will qualify a film as a “Cheezy Flick”. 

Just Say "Cheezy"...

Cyber Monday and WTF?

WTF - Who Am I?
Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend and gobble-day, I am so behind in all my stuff... Someone spammed [bombed] my email over the weekend, so I had like a 100 hundred extra crap. Now I always have stuff in there, it could have just been I was away for a few days. Anyone seen a 42 pound turkey before [photo soon] it was like the size of a 10 year old child, biggest my eyes have seen.

Cyber-Monday should be interesting, I get all my stuff from "AMAZON" and I look forward to their offers... Anyone buying the "RUSH" Box-sets called "Sector I, II, III, maybe if you do I can trade my soul for $5.00... kidding I am giving the wife something to think about for Christmas [not that she has ever been here once].

I am up for an award and follow some other great places for the "BEST DESIGN" and "BEST HORROR"... I may have a shot, so vote and vote for your favorites.


Shake, Shake, Shake!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. [HINT] shoes!


A Little Devilish?

Masses of people on a day called "Black Friday" converge in one central place, and the churches are not up in arms. Hell I got my $2.00 waffle maker and punched a few followers in line... will I burn? Kidding!
-Jeremy [iZombie]


Welcome all good Children, Go into the LIGHT!

So here it is, the start of the holiday season... by the end of the week we start our food overload. Some of you don't eat meat and will be enjoying the veggies, some like me will be chomping down on the turkey... whatever you do, do it with friends and family. I would like to imagine a year where the food doesn't consume us and the world was not as messed up as the media makes it out to be. I would like to give thanks for those little things that I sometimes take lightly...


-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Global Hug!

Giving Thanks!

I wanted to give thanks on the day before we give thanks and thank you all!

Be Safe... Be Warm... Be Full... Be Loved!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Gobble, Gobble!

And the DUTCH... Wood you Too!

Okay I posted my Thanksgiving thing on the Wrong Day... guess what day it was suppose to be... So imagine if you will that it comes up on the day. So I plan to be here all week, here is my zombie "z-dazzled" of the week, he wants one million.... braaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnsssss!

Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Why the big stir over Natalie Wood after 30 years, I miss her yes she was a fine actress... but why are they looking into it now. I read somewhere a woman claims to have heard her cry out for help for 30 minutes or more, why didn't she do something then?

To All the HATERS... With Love!

Gringo Meet My Partner In Crud!
Yeah, I don't know either...
Dirty Pickle Strikes Again!

Waste Of Time... Curse Of the Little Big Man!

Why is it that you set up an interview with someone semi-famous and everything is going well and at some point it just stops? I worked on a project with a famous lady for about six months back and forth with the press manager until I got this we are so excited to get this done and we will have it for you soon [this was in July] so I wait everything is good. As time rolled on I heard nothing, so I contacted the press guy again two months later hoping to get the questions [some of the best questions I had to offer]... no response. 

I requested that he let me know either way, so I could move on... nothing. I am not blaming the actress, this is all on the press guy... I did notice he had moved onto another project so maybe he is not involved with her anymore. I am saying he could just of responded or moved me to another person, as I told him I am very easy to work with. This has seriously made me want to stop all the interviews, there have some really cool people I have talked to... Without naming names I am not that type of person, but it's such a time waster.

Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. This one of my favorite "RUSH" songs and has nothing to do with the "VENTING" above, promise nothing to do with it... at all.


God Forgive Us... Me!

I go to jail, Thursday... So the images tell a story,
can you figure out the meaning?

 It's going to be a long day...
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Interview with "The Active Set"... and the Release of "11"

I had the great pleasure of talking to the members of the wildly popular group "The Active Set", now of course the interview is at "TWO THUMBS" I wanted to share the latest music video here... well because. So please support this group and check out their interview... find links to more of their music!

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Sneak Peek: Resident Evil: Retribution [2012]

Anyone want to play with "Alice" another round?
It looks like Milla is shooting at this blanket, what does she have a against this blanket... Maybe Linus knows? I hope this film stands up to the first two films and focuses on story... not just 3D or by next year 4D [you know they just come to your house and act it out for you]. They will charge you one million dollars per screening per person, but you need to provide your own popcorn.

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Rest in Peace... Karl Slover! (September 21, 1918 – November 15, 2011) was a Slovak-born American actor and was one of four surviving munchkins from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. At the time of his death he was survived by Jerry Maren, Margaret Williams Pellegrini and Ruth Robinson Duccini. A lifelong bachelor, Slover resided in Dublin, Georgia, until his death.

Last Chance... Hurry Now!

It's On Random is putting together a "ZOMBIE COLORING BOOK & MORE" and they are looking to sell ad space for the LOW... LOW Price of "$5.00. It is going to press soon, so get your name, place or product in this first of many editions. Cut Off is November 20th, 2011!

Helping Out a friend/blogger!
Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING (3D) - January 20, 2012

UNDERWORLD AWAKENING brings a stunning new dimension to the epic battle between Vampires and Lycans, as the first film in the franchise to shoot in 3D.  

Kate Beckinsale, star of the first two films, returns in her lead role as the vampire warrioress Selene, who escapes imprisonment to find herself in a world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species.

Walking Dead Season II - Desktop

Halloween Grab Bag Winner!

Photo Not Included [I have no idea either]
Okay I used "" to pick a winner for the "Grab Bag", this was the first time I used this process so I hoped I did it correctly. I assigned everyone a number and hit the random-izer, let it digitally spin one glorious spin that lasted like a second... the lucky number was "7". "" a fellow zombie site and all around cool guy, if he would like to contact me soon we can get all the details out of the way. 

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to play, it was the biggest turn out contest I have ever had.

Thank you all again!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Today I am playing on another I want you all to go there and see what it is!
"Noughties Blogfest" Host By: Dave of "Dave Wrote This" ""

I am FEELING the LOVE...

Today is the greatest day...
Because I am not alone... but yesterday I felt alone... so my favorite song from "suicidal tendencies"

Grab-bag is closed only to be opened by a soon to be picked winner.
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. As I get a little weepy because it has come to the end of a long journey for three kids from a private school, mostly one kid. One boy who has been stalked and abused by one man, a man who could not just let things go. 

Halloween Grab Bag Contest! [Extended Until 11-11-11]

Just like it says, the most simple contest ever... I will randomly pull a name out of the virtual hat on the first-ish of November to all who comments "Here" only.  What will you get it's a Grab Bag, who knows! Double your chances by making a post on your site about this, and let me know here! Oh yeah... Name, Email and your site... I have to be able to find you.

Ghoul Luck, Happy Halloween!
Jeremy [iZombie]

Who Was She...

Zoe Saldana
Yes I know she was in the first "Pirates" movie, I never noticed until I watched it again... Though her carreer is a world of credits from "AVATAR" to "STAR TREK [2009]" and it doesn't hurt she is beautiful.
Last day to enter is by MIDNIGHT tonight for the GRAB-BAG, so make you get your entry in, there is going to be a pile of cool stuff in a box mailed to you... oops way to much information.

Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Zoe Saldana again... Ahhhhhh! Okay sorry Ladies next week will be a dude, maybe Rico...Rico Suave... he is still popular?


It's Been Awhile...

Straight Up Zombie Make-Over!
I have not been making to many "Z-DAZZLES" in sometime, so I thought I would bring my creation to life... can you tell who she is or once was? I will give you a hint she was in "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" and I didn't know it.

The HALLOWEEN GRAB BAG ends tomorrow, have you entered?
Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Kim Kardashian Hoax or True Happiness... and someone please tell why this woman and family are famous for anything? Ghouls Gone Wild!

Izzy and The Dirty Pickle... And Justin Bieber

Okay, thought I would show you all Izzy in her little pink sweatshirt with skulls on it, now where are the skulls you say? She was so cute while I held her as she began to fall asleep I didn't have the heart to turn her around, so when she woke up I snapped the second one where you can see them...

Oh and for the dirty pickle... just thought it was funny and the joke to follow [read on].
Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Why is there all this concern about Cain and his alleged encounters with women and their allegations on something that happened ten years ago. Hell, I am sure we all rubbed up someone wrong somewhere... come on think about it, so now I feel the need to talk about it... maybe shed a tear. To those ladies I give you the "Dirty Pickle Award" though you cannot get it for ten years, cause maybe it will run for office someday... I want to read about in your book and your fifteen minutes will have been up. I hope it also turns out that it is Justin Bieber's baby, that way Selena G can break up with him and start giving "Cal" the attention he deserves... I really need to listen to the radio and get out of my house more.

Sickness and Sick About Stuff!

Send More Paramedics!
It's funny how many of you sent get well soon... some told me they were looking for me to change into the zombie, walking dead. I told my mom and she says "don't go for the brain"... it's just a cold, that I will be back on my feet soon. 

BIG Question: Will the little dog go after the kitten?
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Why don't they send these celebrity-types to jails that are "not" over crowded so they only have to spend 4 hours of their 30 days. Do they think that is justice? Do they think that we are stupid? Do the Crime... Do the Time!  

Down With The Sickness

Cannot Shake it... I hope it doesn't come to this... cause some of you my want to pull the virtual trigger on my head. And I thought you were my friend, I will be better... it's a scratch not a bite... TRUST ME...

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Betty Boop: Minnie The Moocher [1932]

One of the coolest things, that was made a very long time ago... so I thought I would share. 

Happy Sunday!
Jeremy [iZombie]

Family Update...

Thanks to all my blogger friends and family... you know who you are, I wanted to give you family update. My father in law who went into the hospital came home, but we are not out of the woods yet final test to be revealed in a few weeks. First look and the fact he came home is a great, great sign to all of us... 

So my lack of post this week and next will be due to I am visiting him and checking in with my wife who is a RN and able to care while he recovers. Thank you all for the kind words, and understanding my being out of my mind... more than normal!

Jeremy [iZombie]

Nominated for TWO... Movie 411 Awards [2011]

Happy November 1, 2011...
I have been working in the lab overtime to bring all the Halloween Madness to a hopeful successful end and the chance to bring news... I as you read above got a few nods from "MOVIE 411" where some of the best sites come together and share some of their favorite sites in the form of an award. I can say only I hope I can get your votes, to better fuel my mental ego...

I will be off the posting grid for a few days, catch up on life, love and the pursuit of my madness. There is an extension on "Halloween Grab Bag" so still enter...

On A Hippie Trail, Head Full Of Zombie
-Jeremy [iZombie]