I LOVES ME SOME ZOMBIE GIRLS... every day of the year...

I just ordered my "ZOMBIE GIRL PIN -UP 2012" Calendar from "Cheezy Flicks" not only do they have the greatest classic "B" movies around now this. I have been getting movies from these guys for some time, these films are not your Oscar winners... they are just winners!

-Jeremy [iZombie]

About Cheezy Flicks:

Cheezy Flicks was created expressly for the promotion of a specific genre of movies - "Cheezy Flicks". By that, we mean terrible B movies - classic, horror, sci-fi, sword and sandal, euro-trash, you name it. They just have to meet our "cheezy" standards; typically b movies involving things like horrible acting, an abysmal story line, and the worst set props possible will qualify a film as a “Cheezy Flick”. 

Just Say "Cheezy"...


  1. I'm sold! Them some fine dead ladies!

  2. Ye-ah! By the way, I got your donation! Thank you so much! You are so awesome and wonderfully sweet! Thanks to you and your wife!

  3. That is great! Did you buy one or two calendars?

  4. I'm feelin it :-)

    The redhead with the knife stirs mah blood. I'll go check out them cheezy stuff.


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