Waste Of Time... Curse Of the Little Big Man!

Why is it that you set up an interview with someone semi-famous and everything is going well and at some point it just stops? I worked on a project with a famous lady for about six months back and forth with the press manager until I got this we are so excited to get this done and we will have it for you soon [this was in July] so I wait everything is good. As time rolled on I heard nothing, so I contacted the press guy again two months later hoping to get the questions [some of the best questions I had to offer]... no response. 

I requested that he let me know either way, so I could move on... nothing. I am not blaming the actress, this is all on the press guy... I did notice he had moved onto another project so maybe he is not involved with her anymore. I am saying he could just of responded or moved me to another person, as I told him I am very easy to work with. This has seriously made me want to stop all the interviews, there have some really cool people I have talked to... Without naming names I am not that type of person, but it's such a time waster.

Happy Friday!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. This one of my favorite "RUSH" songs and has nothing to do with the "VENTING" above, promise nothing to do with it... at all.



  1. Every Rush song is my favorite!
    Bummer about the PR guy. The courtesy of a response is so lost on some people. Don't lose faith in your interviews, Jeremy.

  2. Ugh, I hate when that happens... fame usually coincides with a busy and fickle schedule, it's rough.

  3. it's funny it takes so long to pull it off... only to be blown off.

    i should give out his name and crush him... kidding!


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