Sneak Peek: Resident Evil: Retribution [2012]

Anyone want to play with "Alice" another round?
It looks like Milla is shooting at this blanket, what does she have a against this blanket... Maybe Linus knows? I hope this film stands up to the first two films and focuses on story... not just 3D or by next year 4D [you know they just come to your house and act it out for you]. They will charge you one million dollars per screening per person, but you need to provide your own popcorn.

-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Rest in Peace... Karl Slover! (September 21, 1918 – November 15, 2011) was a Slovak-born American actor and was one of four surviving munchkins from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. At the time of his death he was survived by Jerry Maren, Margaret Williams Pellegrini and Ruth Robinson Duccini. A lifelong bachelor, Slover resided in Dublin, Georgia, until his death.


  1. Sigh... I hate to say it, but not another Resident Evil movie...

  2. my wife has a crush on Leon Kennedy... thats why she was cool w/ watching me finish Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 back in the day.

    hey cool its Ada Wong!

  3. I have some friends that are involved with RE:R, but I can't get a word out of em about it :|

  4. Sure, I'll watch another Resident Evil. And 4D would be awesome.
    I wonder how many cast members are still alive from Wizard of Oz?

  5. I'm always up for another round with Alice. She kicks ass, zombie and Umbrella ass.

    That's sad about Karl. He gave his last interview here in Chicago on WGN last Friday, I think.

  6. i have hopes that they return the series to what the first and second film were and stop drifting towards the 3d crud.

    alice is one of the coolest screen characters.

    i miss the munchkins...

  7. I actually thought that the 3rd was the best in the series...


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