Halloween Grab Bag Winner!

Photo Not Included [I have no idea either]
Okay I used "" to pick a winner for the "Grab Bag", this was the first time I used this process so I hoped I did it correctly. I assigned everyone a number and hit the random-izer, let it digitally spin one glorious spin that lasted like a second... the lucky number was "7". "" a fellow zombie site and all around cool guy, if he would like to contact me soon we can get all the details out of the way. 

I wanted to thank everyone who took the time to play, it was the biggest turn out contest I have ever had.

Thank you all again!
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Today I am playing on another I want you all to go there and see what it is!
"Noughties Blogfest" Host By: Dave of "Dave Wrote This" ""


  1. Congratulations to the winner! I've already visited your blogfest entry.

  2. Congratulations to zombieseverywhere! You had me laughing over "let it digitally spin one glorious spin that lasted like a second". That was very Seinfeldian!! Like Jerry complaining that pressing a button on a cell phone doesn't have quite the same impact as slamming the receiver down.

  3. Heck yes!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to play and for the win! :D

  4. alex, thank you for both...

    little g, i am always doing that... the build up is never the same, thank you for making me feel like jerry. maybe someday i can have a show about zombies that do something about nothing.

    z, it is my pleasure...


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