Sickness and Sick About Stuff!

Send More Paramedics!
It's funny how many of you sent get well soon... some told me they were looking for me to change into the zombie, walking dead. I told my mom and she says "don't go for the brain"... it's just a cold, that I will be back on my feet soon. 

BIG Question: Will the little dog go after the kitten?
-Jeremy [iZombie]

Ps. Why don't they send these celebrity-types to jails that are "not" over crowded so they only have to spend 4 hours of their 30 days. Do they think that is justice? Do they think that we are stupid? Do the Crime... Do the Time!  


  1. Heal zombie! I agree about the celebrity time in Jail. The message here is, wanna do crime? Be a celebrity in California.

  2. Don't turn into a zombie, Jeremy.
    Yes, celebrity jail time and rehab are both a joke.

  3. I'm not sure why, but I found that Lindsay Lohan poster hilarious.

  4. That dog looks about as pissed off as she does!! lol.


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