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How To Enter:
- DONATE $5.50 Paypal [Contest Only] or $7.50 Receive Zombie Portrait [Better Value]
- Become A Follower [iZombie]
- Facebook Request [Harry Mann]
- Networked Blogs (Add Me) [Inside Facebook]
- Make A Comment On Favorite iZombie Posts [Here]
- Email Your Name and Address To: jeremy@jmhdigital.com
- Become Follower of my other Blogs found at: www.jmhdigital.com

Open To: United States/Canada - Everywhere Else Please Contact [Not Sure on Shipping]

Contest Ends when I receive a 100 Followers [iZombie] and 100 Contest Entry's since it is $100.00+ of items... i am going to be adding more items as I go.

Do as many things above "To Enter" you can do, "Betters Your Chances".

Any Questions or Concerns... Please Ask!



  1. Awesome contest, I shall do as much as I can!

  2. Satans orphans want to wish you luck on your quest to 100

  3. Cool stuff Jeremy!! I pretty much have done all of your requirements, so my entry is officially in.

  4. Trying to help give your contest some more exposure, J: http://www.theman-cave.com/2010/08/news-notes-dl-horror-blogger-alliance.html

  5. I don't Facebook...I blog (and occasionally tweet).

    Do you ever sell the dead girl in the coffin somewhere like on Etsy?

    I would love to have her for my writing desk.

    Let me know, please.



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