Contest - Some Of The Items...

- Cd's [Sealed]
-Helter Skelter - Mark Snow
-Friday the 13th Parts 7 & 8 - Fed Mollin
-Pan's Labyrinth - Javier Navarette
- "New" Christopher Walken [xL T-shirt]
- "New" Robots [xL T-shirt]
- "New" Movie Maniac Figure [Halloween - Michael Myers]
- Assorted DVD's
- Topp's Wacky Package [1980] / Weird Wheels [1980] (20 each)
- Collectibles
-Wolverine Statue
-Daredevil Statue
-Disney Coins [5 Set]
-Assorted Movie/Music Pins [Including "Rare" Ghostbusters / 3-D Card Deep Sea Blue]
-"New" The Dark Knight [Joker Playing Cards & Chips]
- PC Fun Shop - The Incredibles

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