The Versatile Blogger [2010] Part I

iZombie gets it's first award "The Versatile Blogger [2010]" and the nod comes from a great blogger "Chuck Norris Ate My Baby"... it is a great feeling to be noticed. Many of us work hard to give you something to look at, read, remember how cool something was... if we do you will come back. Thanks for coming back, it makes it all worth it... it's fun to be odd!

I need to tell you 7 things about me and give this award back to 15 bloggers I enjoy, I can and I will... in the immortal words of The Joker... Here [dramatic pause] We... Go...

01. Once insulted Adam West during an interview.
02. Didn't believe in Santa Claus, though believed in the Easter Bunny.
03. Loves the movie "Grease" and still knows all the words.
04. Broke a toe [still broken 30 years later] kicking my brother before we went to a family function, I hobbled around and told everyone I was trying to be cool and that I wanted something I could make mine.
05. When I was 18 had a 3 day party [while parents were away] thing that was funny... I told everyone if you drink from my dad's stash replace it and my friends were good people. So someone would take 1 wine cooler, beer, etc and replace it with the remaining 3 or 6 pack, this went on for the entire time and by the time they got home... there was 5 times the amount. My father said I don't know what you did, but God Damn I am proud of you, mom wasn't so happy I had to replace 3 dozen eggs that somehow ended up on the driveway and the neighbor girl.
06. Is into "Film Score" music.
07. Had a over the top fan moment with Tom Savini, Spanky McFarland and Stan Lee.


  1. That party story is pure genius. I would have been proud of you too! :)

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. thank you, oh, i wish i had a picture of the fridge was full and stacks and stacks on the outside. i never saw such a smile from my dad, it makes me weepy now just thinking about it. even funnier is i don't drink, this is why my parents trusted me, now my brother he was a different story... he had gone into the marine corp. the year before, i was one of those d&d-star-wars-g-i-joe-comic-book-reading-rubix-cube-swatch-watch-wearing-kind-a-kid..

    ahh the great ol' days...

    thanks again!


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